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Sports » 5 reasons Cam Newton is still the MVP among the ladies

5 reasons Cam Newton is still the MVP among the ladies

Photo Credit: Amir Shaw for Steed Media

Photo Credit: Amir Shaw for Steed Media

Well, Super Bowl 50 is over, and the Denver Bronco’s won; however, there’s a young superstar MVP by the name of Cam Newton who continues to get special media recognition. Even though his team lost, and he got sacked six times during the Super Bowl, and everyone could tell his feelings were clearly hurt at the post game interviews (which he gets a pass for), he’s still Cam Newton. He probably felt as if the world was on his shoulders, but at the end of the day, he still #1 (per his jersey number and in the minds of millions of young ladies who adore him so), he still won the NFL’s MVP award and now represents the face of the NFL, and he has also taught the world to to the Dab. Now, if that’s not something to be proud of, I don’t know what is.

Below, find five reasons Cam should be proud when it comes to the ladies, who still love him even after his Super Bowl.

He’s got the body of an African warrior. He’s 6’5, 245lbs, muscles for days, nice broad shoulder traps, and beautiful 6pack abs,.Let’s not forget about those long muscular legs. He truly has the body of a god.

He loves the kids. It doesn’t take much for women to be won over when it comes to our kids. If you like our kids, and treat them well, we LOVE you! Cam has proven time and time again that he’s great in that department. At almost every game, Cam manages to give away football’s to eagerly awaiting children in the stands! It’s a nice gesture and very a very attractive quality in a man to say the least.

He’s very easy on the eyes. His smooth, coffee brown complexion, mixed with his bright, wide smile, deep dimples and those perfect porcelain looking teeth he has make him an easy 10. Then mix in those arms with those shoulders, and that height (from the first point above), and a fresh hair cut … I think you get the picture. The man is fine.

He’s confident. He’s very intelligent, competent, and extremely articulate. He speaks up for what he believes in and continues to take the highroad when faced with difficulty or adversity. He’s very vocal when it comes to social issues that are important to him, including those about race. He’s a stand up guy (even though he gets a pass for walking out of the Super Bowl’s  post game conference. It’s better to have said nothing than to have said the wrong thing).

He makes football exciting. Well … for the ladies anyway (as it’s already exciting for more than 3/4 of the men in the US). He gave some of the less authentic, non-football “fans” 895 reasons to want to watch the Super Bowl, and be passionate about it. Not only passionate about the normal things such as the commercials, or Queen Bey performing #Formation, or the seemingly “battle of the bands” half-time show – he made us really excited about watching the game. And that’s something to be proud of.

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  1. Beelzebub on February 8, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    He likes them nappy headed Hos.