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Freeway talks progress with kidney failure issues


Photo credit: Instagram / @phillyfreeway

When most people think of kidney failure or picture someone having to endure kidney dialysis treatments, they tend to picture someone older but the truth of the matter is kidney issues are not age discriminatory.

Former Roc-A-Fella rapper Freeway learned that lesson the hard way when his kidneys were discovered to be failing during a routine visit to the doctor this past September.

“I did a routine check-in with my doctor and a couple of weeks later they called me and was [sic] like, ‘Yo, you got to get yourself to the hospital,” the rapper born Leslie Edward Pridgen says. “All your levels are off. Your keratin levels are crazy through the roof. Your electrolytes is [sic] off.”

The doctor’s call ended up saving Freeway’s life as the rapper had to be rushed into emergency surgery after getting to the hospital.

During a recent interview with VladTV, the 37-year-old husband and father discussed in-depth the process of the dialysis treatments that he has to have three times a week and even tells how doctors relocated his arm’s main vein in order to administer the dialysis.

“When I first got it, it was hard to get used to when I went to sleep,” he says. “It’s all the way up here to my under arm so it’s like vibrating all the time. It just feels weird.”

Freeway goes on to say that throughout the entire ordeal he’s been able to lean on his faith in Islam to help keep him strong and that he feels like a new person since beginning regular dialysis treatment.

“Now that I get my treatments, I feel way better,” Free says. “Better than I did the week before that because I didn’t know I was sick.

We wish for continued health for Freeway and hope his story serves as a reminder to all that regular doctor’s visits are a necessity.