Love it or not, ‘Formation’ has you talking … still

Photo credit: Instagram @Beyonce
Photo credit: Instagram @Beyonce

I don’t consider myself to be a huge Beyoncé fan, member of the Bey-Hive or anything of the sort. I am however, a fan of good music, and supporter of Black girls who rock. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, happens to make some darn good music, and she rocks in a major way!

That being said, it’s not surprising when she breaks the Internet with either a secret album, surprise tour, or most recently, a new video that has claimed our attention for the last few days. Whether we love it, dislike, or downright hate it, none of us can deny that “Formation” has us talking about it.

I’ve seen people who are singing her praises for using her platform to address important issues in society, some feel like she’s exploiting these issues for self-aggrandizement, and others who simply aren’t here for anything she does, ever.

No matter which category you fall into, you have to admit that “Formation” is a conversation starter. Some are even getting into heated debates on social media in defense or opposition of the Bey-Hive’s fearless leader.

I think the song and video combined make it worth getting into. As a standalone, the lyrics are typical for Beyoncé, not a bad thing, but not extremely powerful either. The video is packed with visuals that address key issues faced in Black America today, cultural tributes, and a nod to her roots as a country girl. The message I get from the combination is that you can be everything you are, flawlessly in your own way, and be aware of the happenings in the world at the same time. I’m sure many people have their own interpretations of what it means to them, but that’s what I got from it. To me, her video shuts down the notion that it’s impossible to live your life while staying “woke” or being aware of the issues in the world.

Beyoncé gets a lot of flack from people who feel that she doesn’t use her celebrity as a platform to discuss serious issues in society. These are mainly the folks who don’t care enough to research some of what she actually does. I’m sure she knows that one song won’t change the world, but she definitely made a statement with it.

“Formation” gets an A for effort, and love it or not, I’m sure you watched it, probably more than once. Now with the tour announcement, I’m sure the Beyoncé critics will find more reasons to insult the Bey-Hive. I say, just let them be great. Beyoncé doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea.

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