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Reality TV » Phaedra Parks hints at surprising news for Kenya Moore

Phaedra Parks hints at surprising news for Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Phaedra Parks' Instagram (@phaedraparks)

Photo credit: Phaedra Parks’ Instagram (@phaedraparks)

Usually when Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks are talking about each other, the two women are throwing colossal levels of shade at each other behind each other’s backs on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” However, Parks seemed to take a partial break from shading Moore this week when she hinted at some shocking news about her cast mate.

This week on “Dish Nation,” Parks filled in for Porsha Williams, who was recently cast in the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” While chatting with her co-hosts, Parks discussed Cynthia Bailey’s blowup with Moore about denying that they’re BFFs. Parks then shared that she heard a rumor that Moore is pregnant.

“Honey, I did hear that one of her NON best friends might be having a bundle of joy, so maybe she can be the godmother,” Parks said on-air.

Parks’ co-host, Headkrack, asked Parks, “Is this person named after a country?”

“I think so, and some coffee. And she peddles around in sperm banks,” Parks said, while also bringing up some previous shade she mentioned about Moore not having a man and needing a sperm bank to get pregnant.

Headkrack then asked Parks directly, “So you’re saying Kenya’s pregnant?”

Parks took the opportunity to throw more shade at Moore as she revealed the rest of the rumor.

“That’s what someone told me, but I haven’t confirmed it because I’m not a gynecologist. Only Jesus knows who that baby daddy is, if it is true,” Parks said.

Parks didn’t give any further details about the rumors, but of course, fans began speculating that Moore is pregnant by her current boyfriend, fitness trainer Matt Jordan, whom she began dating during filming for “RHOA” last year.

However, this morning, Moore made an Instagram post about food and dieting that now has fans doubting that the rumor is true.


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