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“Saturday Night Live” aired a sketch about White people’s reaction to Beyoncé’s “Formation” song and video. The truths SNL conveys here make it hard not to laugh out loud.

Watch hilarious SNL sketch, ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’

Kacie Whaley

Kacie Whaley

I'm a writer and philosopher.

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  1. malnatik9 on February 16, 2016 at 10:37 am

    Um, I’m confused. I’m pretty sure Beyonce has been following the Michael Jackson path from cute young black child singer, to becoming an ever more white adult (by use of surgeries, skin lighteners, and hair dyes), until it was actually becoming hard to say, although she had the brains to stop before becoming a weirdo with it all. Despite all that, though, I never confused her with being white, and I don’t know a single person who ever cared if she was white or black, so I’m failing to see the humor in this skit.

    It’s kind of insulting to white people, to assume that we can’t tell, or that we even care, if Beyonce is white or black. Of course we are the punch line to every joke nowadays, so that’s no surprise, but this is just not funny, so I’m at a loss on this one. Lame.