Floyd Mayweather’s mentee Teflon Ron may be the next world champ

Teflon Ron and Floyd Mayweather playing cards on Floyd’s private jet (Photo credit: @JFloydMayweather IG)

If you haven’t heard of Ronnie “Teflon Ron” Austion by now, you’ve been hiding under a rock. Teflon Ron is being touted as the world’s next big boxing champion and he has “receipts” to prove it. With a record of 9-0, and the current world boxing champ, Floyd Money Mayweather, as his mentor, winning is sure to stay in his path. For a young guy, he’s quite mature and has a brilliant head on his shoulders. He also has the focus and discipline needed to remain a winner. Teflon Ron is on his way to the top, and fast!

Rolling out recently got the chance to talk with the young boxer right before a family outing with his parents and brothers in Detroit, MI. Check out the exclusive interview below where Teflon Ron discusses his mentor Floyd Mayweather, what makes him so great at such a young age and his philosophy on winning. Let us know what you think of Teflon Ron in the comments section.

How did you get into boxing?
I got into boxing by not wanting to play football anymore. My father, Ronnie Austion, was a football player, and when I was growing up, that’s what I looked up to. But I wound up figuring out that I didn’t love it. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I chose to do something else, and it was boxing. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do, but I fell into it. I practiced, and when I boxed for the first time, I knew that’s what I really wanted to do. You get to travel and see different things and different places.

Ok. So, what’s your boxing record?
My boxing record is 9-0, with 6 knockouts. I’ve been boxing for nine years now. I started when I was 13, and I’ll be 22 years old in March.

How do you feel about being mentored by Floyd Mayweather?
It’s great! It’s a blessing. You know, every boxer would love to even just meet the guy. So, to get mentored and have him talk to you and do different things with him, like being at his house and being on his jet and laugh and crack jokes with him. It’s a blessing. So, it’s kind of like if Kobe had Michael Jordan to teach him. If you have Michael Jordan, the greatest player to ever play basketball as a teacher, that’s how it feels being mentored by Mayweather.

How did you get to meet Floyd?
My friend and my brother, Jleon Love, is signed to The Money Team. And he suggested that I go out to Las Vegas to show off my talent. And I went out there, did my thing and he liked it. The rest is history.

What do you think makes you so great? What’s your “it factor”?
My IT Factor is that I think outside the box. I’m an amazing thinker and I think really well. There’s more to boxing than just punching. You know, you want to outthink the competition, you want to be ahead of your opponent, you want to think about what your opponent is doing so you can always be ten steps ahead.  You can’t be stronger than everybody, you can’t be faster than everybody, but you can be smarter than most, and that’s my thing.

You sound like you have a great head on your shoulders. Name three people in your industry who inspire you.
Floyd Mayweather is obviously my number one. Adrienne Bronner is another big brother that mentors me. And Jleon Love as well. I get to shadow him on a daily basis. He also has a celebrity following where he makes appearances and encourages people. I learn from him and he learns from me, so that’s always a good thing.

What’s your philosophy on winning and how do you continue to win?
Stay focused. A lot of people in boxing can’t stay focused, I don’t know why. It’s so hard for them to stay focused. For me, it’s simple. I go to the gym, and I come home. Chicks are always going to be there, and you can deal with that. But with the streets, and me being from Detroit, it’s not a major thing, I don’t have to be in the streets. I don’t have to party. Partying is not my thing.

How do you think your work ethic plays a role in your success?
I think my work ethic is great. I’m mentored by and I train with the best boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather. His work ethic speaks for itself, he’s 49-0 and he’s never lost. He’s the greatest boxer in this era. So, I can train with his team, I watch them, and my work ethic has always been great.  But to just get with them, and keep going and learning from t hem and watching  taking notes, that builds it.

What’s the best advice you can give to an aspiring young boxer?
Just believe in yourself. If you can do anything, just believe in you. If you don’t believe in you, then you won’t get anywhere. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t believe you can do it, and if you don’t believe you can be bigger than the next person then you may as well not do it. But if anything, believe in yourself. You don’t have to have all the talent. If you believe in yourself it’ll take you far.

Where can our readers find you?
All of my social handles are @RonnieAustion. And that’s on IG, Twitter & FB. My SnapChat is @RonnieMaurel. Look out for me. Keep your ears open. Follow me on Social Media. I’m really entertaining!

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