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Cynthia Bailey opens up about new marriage problem


Photo Credit: Peter Thomas’ Instagram (@peterthomasrhoa)

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas had a rough time in their marriage last year thanks to a high-profile cheating rumor and internal strife in their home. However, after airing their issues out for the world to see, the couple was able to salvage their relationship and keep their marriage afloat. But according to Bailey, there are still some issues getting in the way of their happy home.

During one of the couple’s onscreen arguments this season on “RHOA,” both Bailey and Thomas admitted that their career ambitions were getting in the way of their marriage and that they were spending less and less time together. Well, according to media reports, it’s not just their businesses that are sometimes keeping the couple apart; it’s also a court case that’s plaguing Thomas.

As previously reported, last month, a man named Brandon Link was at Thomas’ Sports One bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he claimed that he was speaking with Thomas to negotiate renting space in the bar. Link alleges that the negotiations went south and that Thomas grabbed him and threw him across the room, which he claims resulted in him hitting his head on the edge of a table and getting a concussion.

However, Thomas claimed that Link was drunk and belligerent and had to be escorted away from the bar by security. Thomas claims that when Link was outside, he slipped on the icy ground and hit his head.

Although the police didn’t arrest either man, nor did they claim in their records that an assault occurred, the case has now reportedly gone to court and Thomas now has to devote time to fighting the case.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” Bailey said. “Now even though he’s innocent, he still has to go through the process of going to court or whatever. It’s still just less time that he can focus on work and focus on me because now he’s got to deal with that situation.”

In previous interviews, Bailey has spoken about the amount of time that she and Thomas spend with each other and she explained that they see each other “maybe five days” to “one week out of the month.”

Despite the fact that the case is keeping Thomas from spending time with his wife, Bailey is adamant about defending her husband.

“Because of Peter’s businesses, he’s very accessible. People can walk into Sports One, and of course he has to be a host to some degree—he’s going to be pleasant to people who support his bar,” she said.

“But sometimes there’s a situation where the whole fan part of it, some of the fans can get a little aggressive or a little comfortable,” Bailey continued. “I think this is a situation where one of his fans just got a little too comfortable and he really just kind of got up in Peter’s personal space.”

Bailey then shared details about what happened between Thomas and Link.

“Lord knows what can happen when you get into somebody’s personal space too much,” Bailey said. “And he was talking some little kind of crazy stuff to the point where Peter definitely felt like he needed to push him away from him because he was like kind of leaning into him too close. Some of the things he was saying were definitely aggressive.”

Well, we hope Thomas gets through this case swiftly. We also hope that the couple can make more time to see each other.

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