Bullies who sexually assaulted 8-year-old too young for charges

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When parent’s put their kids on a school bus, they do so hoping that their child will be safe. But that’s not what happened to one 8-year-old in Fort Worth, Texas, who was allegedly beaten and sexually assaulted by bullies. According to the alleged victim’s mother, he is a student at Northbrook Elementary and on Feb. 18, he was the target of two fellow first grade students.The mother states that the boys harassed her son, then pulled down his pants and performed a sexual act. The two assailants then beat the victim up and told him “Tell anybody, and I’ll hurt you again, and you’ll be in trouble, too.”

The victim had complained to his mother that he was being bullied in school but she had no idea it would rise to the level of a sexual assault. Sadly, when police were informed about the incident the mother was told there was little that they could do because of the age of the alleged attackers. Sgt. Steve Enright, spokesperson for the Fort Worth Police, confirmed that an investigation was ongoing but they can’t file criminal charges against anyone under the age of 10.

The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District issued a statement, which reads in part, “As soon as school and district personnel were made aware of the report, we responded immediately and have put every measure into place that we legally can to protect and support those involved in this matter.”

For now, a school monitor has been placed on the bus but according to the alleged victim’s mother, he still has to attend school with his attackers. An investigation is also underway by Child Protective Services regarding the alleged assault.

School bullying is a growing problem across America in all socioeconomic classes. This has led many of its victims prone to physical abuse, lowered self-esteem, depression and suicide.

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