NeNe Leakes opens up about her ‘Fashion Police’ drama

Photo Credit: NeNe Leakes' Instagram (@neneleakes)
Photo Credit: NeNe Leakes’ Instagram (@neneleakes)

NeNe Leakes is no stranger to being called a drama queen on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But recently rumors have been spreading that the reality TV star has been stirring up trouble on the set of E!’s “Fashion Police” as well. Now, Leakes is opening up about the alleged on-set drama and defending herself against the rumors.

In a new interview with, Leakes discussed the rumors that she’s rude to her “Fashion Police” cast mates and that she’s acting as though she’s the reigning queen on set.

“I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve been very kind to everyone on that set. That includes Giuliana, Melissa, Brad, Margaret — now, I am not saying it has been reciprocated. What I AM saying is that I have been professional and kind to everyone,” Leakes said.

“All of these things that you’re hearing, I’m hearing. I don’t know if any of these things are true or not. All I know is that Margaret is super sweet. She’s kind to me,” Leakes added.

Leakes then explains that it’s absurd that people are saying she’s being a diva on set because the cast barely talks to each other when the cameras aren’t rolling and because producers barely allow them any freedom on set.

“It’s very weird. Let me tell you what happens — when you arrive on set, everybody goes to their dressing rooms. When they say ‘come out,’ everyone comes out and sits on the couch. There’s no talking, no communication, nothing,” Leakes said. “My dressing room isn’t even on the same side as everyone else. They have my dressing room way on the other side from everybody. So I don’t even see them.

“I just come and sit down. Whenever they say, ‘Come and sit down, NeNe,’ I come and sit down. I don’t move until they say, ‘Wrap!’ and then I get up and leave,” Leakes continued. “They don’t talk. No one talks between moments, really. There might be a little casual chit-chat like ‘I like your shoes,’ or something but no conversation. It’s really weird.”

Leakes then made it clear that her time on “Fashion Police” hasn’t been as great as she thought it would be.

“‘Fashion Police’ has really disturbed me,” Leakes said, later adding, “To have someone consistently putting out a bad report about me, I feel like it’s coming from someone on the inside — and I’m sad about that.”

Clearly fed up with the overall rumors that she has a problem getting along with people in the industry, Leakes attempted to silence the rumors once and for all that she’s a diva and explained why her resume is proof positive that she can get along with people at work.

Read what she had to say after the cut.

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