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Cash Money artist Turk starts GoFundMe page


Photo Credit: Turk’s GoFundMe page

Former Hot Boy and Cash Money Records artist Turk has apparently fallen onto hard times and is now asking the public’s help in making good on a $5 million debt he owes.

“The Police Sued Me For 60 Million Was Awarded 10 Million And Agreed to 5 Million And 20% Of My Gross Income#HOTBOYTURKISINNOCENT,” he wrote in a tweet yesterday morning before announcing a GoFundMe campaign to cover the debt.


In 2004, Turk was arrested and convicted on a number of charges including being in possession of a firearm as a felon and using a controlled substance. He maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal and was finally set free in 2012.

Last year, Turk attempted to soothe some of his money issues when he sued Cash Money Records for $1.3 million with claims that the label “failed to pay Turk any royalties, advances, or music publishing” dating back to the late ’90s, though the two sides have since agreed upon a settlement.

The 35-year-old went into further detail about his situation in an Instagram post.

“After Being Away From Home For Almost A Decade I Find It Harder And Harder Everyday Trying To Maintain,” Turk begins in the heartfelt caption. “Without Going In Details For Those Who Know Me Know That I Am A Very Good Husband And A Caring Father To My Son And Twins. Today I Come To You For Help Because I Am In A 5 Million Dollar Debt And Its Hard Trying To Pay It Off On Top Of Everything Else. I Will Appreciate Any Donation You Can Give To Me And My Family. May God Bless You And Yours..I Thank You In Advance!!! – Hot Boy Turk”

The post that was apparently made on Turk’s Instagram account by someone else went on to further explain the predicament that he is in.

“There is no secret stash,” the caption continues. “This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is what happens when a man faces his actions, does his time, and, returns home to live free. The debt to society has been paid. The restitution is being paid. Now you want to go for broke and take from a man what he doesn’t have. Join us on our Mission to “#LetTurkBeFree” Free to be a Father. Free to be a Husband. Free to be an Artist. And, most of ALL, Free to be an American.”

Barely a day old, thus far Turk’s GoFundMe effort has raised less than $1000.

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