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Jason Rodgers presents 1st all-Black orchestra in Atlanta

Jason Ikeem Rodgers , Conductor, Pianist, Composer - Photo Credit Max Eremine

Conductor, pianist and composer Jason Ikeem Rodgers (Photo credit: P Max Eremine)

Jason Rodgers, a Philadelphia native, moved to Atlanta to serve as the music director of the Clarkston Civic Orchestra. Prior to this move, Rodgers has appeared with many exceptional orchestras nationally. Some of the accolades Rodger has been awarded include first prize in the London Classical Soloists competition and being named winner of the International Conducting Competition held in Atlanta. However, winning the conducting competition by the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina in Florence, Italy was the most recent award Rodgers received abroad.

The recognition Rodgers has received is the result of the passion and love he has for music. He hopes to extend this passion and love to wider, more diverse audience by creating Orchestra Noir, an all-Black orchestra, which he plans to present to audiences later this year.

Jason Ikeem Rodgers and Orchestra Noir - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR

Jason Ikeem Rodgers and Orchestra Noir – Photo Credit Jonell Media PR

Orchestra Noir - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

Orchestra Noir – Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

Rolling out was able to take a sneak peek at the new orchestra and check out their amazing sound.

Jason received his professional studies diploma from the Cleveland Institute of Music in Orchestral Conducting under Carl Topilow and Louis Lane. He received his Master of Music and Conducting from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts under Serge Zehnacker and John Mauceri, and holds a bachelor’s degree in piano performance under Clifton Matthews, from the same institution.

Orchestra Noir -Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media What are your thoughts on an all-Black orchestra? Check out the band rehearsal photos, after the break.


  1. Tony Barrs on March 3, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Please note for the record that this will not be the first black orchestra in Atlanta. In 1988 the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra was founded by Mr. William Peek and in 1990 Still Waters Sinfo-Nia Orchestra was founded by Mr. David Robinson III. Both Orchestras are celebrating over 25 years of serving the metro Atlanta area.

  2. Lalah Rich on March 2, 2017 at 4:57 am

    Thank you, Tony Barrs!!! I mean, sheesh! Talk about shoddy and irresponsible journalism! I’m wondering how this works. Mr. Rodgers or his publicist sends in a press release to say we’re the first AA orchestra and Rolling Stones and other media outlets just jump to publish/broadcast it?!?! What happened to investigating and verifying ish first? It’s sad to see that this group is so desperate to wear the distinction of “first” that they would have such have utter disrespect and disregard for their fellow orchestral music artists. For Pete’s sake, the AAPO will be 30 years old next year!!! Not cute, Rolling Out. You guys must do better!