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Mom shoots family stalker, gets treated like a criminal

Qiandaye Dunn (Photo Credit: Dekalb County Jail)

Qiandaye Dunn (Photo credit: DeKalb County Jail)

Home invasion crimes are on the rise in the city of Atlanta, causing many residents to be very wary of strangers. But one Dekalb County, Georgia, mom was not taking any chances. Police and witnesses have stated that Demarcus McDowell has been plaguing the Woodbury Place apartment community regularly. A few weeks ago Coleman was harassing one resident and was chased away by her neighbor, Anthony Davis. Then on Feb. 23, McDowell allegedly came Davis’ apartment and tampered with the locked door. In the home at the time were Davis’ wife, Qiandaye Dunn, and their five children. He was confronted by Davis and ran away only to return two hours later.

According to Davis, McDowell kicked in the apartment door while his family was asleep and he was in the front portion of the apartment, Davis was able to reach his .45 automatic and fired at the intruder, who fell to the ground and then got up and ran. The family was terrified, according to Davis, he told the media “There was a predator in our house, man.”

The family encountered McDowell in the apartment complex 12 hours later. Dunn spotted McDowell in the parking lot holding a big stick and walking toward the family’s apartment. This time, Dunn was taking no chances and shot McDowell. The police responded and made two arrests McDowell, and the 33-year-old mom, charging her with aggravated assault.

Dunn was arrested because at the time she shot McDowell her life was not being threatened. The circumstances were different when McDowell tried to enter her apartment and her husband shot at the suspect. Davis was protected under a Georgia law known as castle doctrine law. In this case, there was a presumption that an intruder is there to do bodily harm and the homeowners can do what they need to protect themselves, including the use of deadly force. According to the police report, McDowell stated that he lives in the same complex. In addition, he stated that he in effect was the victim of a drive-by shooting by Dunn. He claims that a black Infiniti pulled up, slowed down and Dunn jumped out of her car shot him in the left shoulder and leg, and then the car sped away.

McDowell was a suspect in previous break-ins in the area and has been charged with first-degree burglary. He was assigned a public defender and is awaiting a court date.

Dunn has been released from custody but is unable to afford a lawyer and has lost her job. According to her husband, the family is devastated and trying to move from the apartment complex but doesn’t have the money to do so.


  1. Mark Allen Frost on March 6, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    If this man has been plaguing the apartment complex, the family needs to, in fact, owes it to themselves to friggin’ sue the apartment building mgr and owner. In every state of the Union, it is the landlord’s responsibility to keep the premises free of assailants. (Though the wording is somewhat different than that.) IF this was the first time that people in the complex had been hassled, no big deal for the landlord. But apparently this was a pattern. So there should have been video cameras and maybe a security guard. rents are very high for everyone right now, except for a few depressed rural areas. The landlord needs to be taught a lesson in court!

  2. Jason on March 9, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    The woman did 1 thing wrong – she didn’t take the oath as an officer or the law before shooting.