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Music » Kam Corvet set to bring real music to Early Risers in Atlanta

Kam Corvet set to bring real music to Early Risers in Atlanta

Kam Corvet

Neo soul artist Kam Corvet (photo credit Derek Blanks)

Neo soul artist Kam Corvet is looking to connect with early risers this weekend in Atlanta.

“The title of my latest EP, Early Riser was inspired by that 4 a.m. vibe you get when the moon becomes the sun and you’re driving on the highway with the road all to yourself. And then secondly, being an indie, you can’t figuratively ‘sleep in’ on any opportunity. You have be committed to being the first to get it. You know, the whole early bird gets the worm thing, I guess,” he explains with a laugh.

One of the few artists able to pack a venue without a major radio presence, Corvet doesn’t take his grassroots audience for granted. He says he has been blessed to have been able to connect with an national audience that supports his music.

“Today’s music industry allows for artists who don’t have access to the gate keepers of the industry to get their music out there. The downside to that is that any and everyone can release music without it being filtered through a system,” Corvet explains. For now, being an indie artist is paying big dividends and has allowed him to remain true to his artistic integrity and to continue making music from his soul.

Driven by his new radio single, “Leave It Like That” the Early Riser tour started in Montclair, New Jersey, before pulling into the nation’s capital to wake D.C. fans. Corvet’s hometown of Atlanta is sandwiched between D.C. and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, but he feels ATL will offer him the hometown energy that will carry over to the next leg of the tour.

As for what fans can expect at the 800 East Ave show, Corvet’s pensive expression breaks into a wide smile, “Fans should expect to hear a nice mix of fan favorites from my previous projects as well as material from Early Riser and who knows? I might flip a cover by one or two of my musical idols,” he says.

Audience interaction is something that Korvet’s shows thrive on. His music has been said to create a vibe that puts the audience in a euphoric place. When asked to compare his music to a color, Corvet hesitates briefly before answering, “If my music was a color, it’d be maroon because it’s rich in tone, dark, but also adds depth to what’s already there and is distinct in its own way,” he says.

You can catch Kam Corvet’s Early Riser show at 800 East, located at 800 East Ave., NE 30312.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m..

You can catch Corvet’s vibe here: