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‘Let’s Dance-The Tour’ highlights dances that became viral sensations


Photo: via Silento Instagram

Dance crazes have always been an intricate part of hip-hop. From breakdancing to the Bankhead Bounce to the Dab, dance crazes have catapulted careers and allowed artists to share cultural experiences.

Scream Nation and Live Nation recently teamed up to produce “Let’s Dance—The Tour” 2016.

The 15-city tour will feature artists such as Silentó, iLOVEMemphis, DLOW, We Are Toonz, and 99 Percent.

During rehearsals in Atlanta, rolling out caught up with several artists who will participate in the tour.

-additional reporting: Milan Cassell






MC: Where are you from?

DLOW: Westside, Chicago

MC: Who are some of your musical influences?

DLOW: Chris Brown, MC Hammer. MC Hammer because he is different and wasn’t afraid to do want he wanted to do and that’s how I am.

MC: What kind of artist do you consider yourself?

DLOW: I don’t consider myself as a rapper or a dancer. I’m just an artist, and I’m an entertainer. I make good music and good dances and I entertain and I make people happy.

MC: When did you get started in music?

DLOW: I got started in music about two years ago when I dropped my first single “DLOW Shuffle” and it worked out for me.



MC: How has being from Memphis influenced your music?

ILM: I come from the bottom, North Memphis. I’ve seen an opportunity with music and where I’m from, it’s more hardcore rapping. So I wanted to do something in a little different direction.

MC: Who are some of your big musical influences?

ILM: Lil Wayne, the old Kanye West, Drake, Fetty Wap. But I grew up to a lot of Wayne and Yo Gotti.

MC: I know a lot of your music is dance based, but what kind of artists do you deem yourself as?

ILM: I’m an entertainer. I do a lot funny videos and music.

MC: What do you hope to accomplish in your career and where do you see yourself going?

ILM: I’m going to take advantage of the music, but I want to get into movies and acting.




MC: Where are you originally from?

SILENTO: I’m from Atlanta, GA. I’m 17 years old . I attend Redan High School.

MC: How has being from Atlanta influenced your music style?

SILENTO: Being from Atlanta has made me very hyper and turnt up so basically the movement of positivity and turning up .

MC: What are some of your musical influences?

SILENTO: Every artist in Atlanta.

MC: Any specific ones?

SILENTO: Future, Usher, my main two.

MC: What are some people you want to work with?

SILENTO: I want to work with Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Fetty Wap .

MC: Dance influences?

SILENTO: Michael Jackson ..

MC: Personal Style?


MC: Since you’re on tour with DLOW and iLOVEMEMPHIS, how have they influenced you?

Silento: DLOW and Memphis has influenced me by basically showing me the things I can do with dance and song. DLOW came out first with the “Kemo Step” and that inspired me because I used to do that dance when I was younger. And Memphis hit me up before he even made “Hit the Quan.” We’re about to collaborate.