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So much Donald Trump backlash, but whose views are most like yours?

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When Donald Trump won the Georgia primary, many people were shocked that such a large percentage of voters would rally behind such an extremist and racially provocative candidate. Admittedly even I questioned how Donald Trump could have won so many states so dramatically. Trump won Georgia with 38 percent of the vote, which gave him a healthy margin over runner-up Marco Rubio, who only secured 24.4 percent of the vote but almost tied Ted Cruz, who scored  23.6 percent of the Georgia vote.

Although it was not the landslide that the Democratic candidacy experienced, it still was shocking, especially to those of us still scratching our heads at the idea that Donald Trump from “Celebrity Apprentice” is actually a presidential candidate. Yes, people, this is happening for real.

It occurred to me that if Trump had conquered so many states, then perhaps he must have more support than some of us are ready or maybe willing to admit. I went online and took a poll that took my views and placed them into a formula to show which presidential candidate my views were most aligned with. To my surprise, my objective views didn’t sync up with the candidate I saw myself voting for in November 2016. That is a problem.

The even bigger problem is when I shared the poll with some of my friends and family, their results were similar if not more polarized than mine. It stands to reason that many of us aren’t able to separate a candidate’s personality from their platform and beliefs. It’s has been demonstrated that human beings connect with others based on subconscious, visual and emotional reactions, i.e., we may favor someone with a crooked smile like our grandfather’s, or prefer someone that dresses how we’d like to dress. Nonverbal cues and nuances shape our opinions about others more than we realize.

The primaries are over but the real race is about to start. I hope everyone reading this will take the opportunity to take an anonymous poll to make sure that their beliefs truly line up with the candidate they are rewarding with their vote.

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