Queen Latifah says she wants to have a baby amid reports of breakup

Photo credit: The Queen Latifah Show (@qlshow) via Instagram/Sony Pictures Studios
Photo credit: The Queen Latifah Show (@qlshow) via Instagram/Sony Pictures Studios

Queen Latifah is itching to start a family. The actress says she’s ready to slow her life down a little so she can take care of a child.

“I had some things to deal with. I had to get a lot of partying out of my system early in life for about 40 years. You know what I’m saying. I’m good now. I think I’m ready,” she told E! about her hopes of raising a child.

“I can’t say what God has for me, but you will see. You’ll see when I’m lugging the baby on the hip that there is actually a youngin around here.”

The 45-year-old said that she’s looking into adoption. She added that she may not adopt a newborn, but might take on the responsibility of raising an older child instead.

“Maybe I’ll adopt a child that’s not necessarily a baby,” Latifah continued. “There are a lot of kids that need love out there. I want to be there for somebody. I got to get all this stuff and give it to somebody.”

She made a light-hearted joke about adopting several kids from all over the world.

“I got three on the way from China, one from Southern Africa. I’m supposed to pick one up around 12:30 downtown,” she said. “It’s gonna be a big household.”

Latifah is typically private about her personal life, so there’s no word on whether she will adopt on her own or with a partner. But recent reports have stated that she has split up with her longtime girlfriend Eboni Nichols, a former Los Angeles Lakers dancer. According to Radar Online, a source close to Latifah said, “Queen and Eboni split in late 2015.”

The last time the two were photographed together was on Oct. 23 when the lovers were on vacation in Brazil.

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