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Kerry Washington opens up about divorce rumors

Photo credit: Kerry Washington’s Instagram (@kerrywashington)

Photo credit: Kerry Washington’s Instagram (@kerrywashington)

It was just a few months ago that rumors were spreading around the Internet that Kerry Washington and her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, were headed for divorce and planning to announce their split at the beginning of 2016. Despite the negative publicity, Washington and Asomugha decided to remain mum about the divorce rumors and now, three months into 2016, Washington’s marriage still seems to be going strong. Recently, though, Washington decided to break her usual silence on her marriage and, ironically enough, explain why she doesn’t want to talk about her marriage to the press.

According to media reports, Washington recently spoke at the 2016 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival and discussed how social media can have a major impact on a celeb’s personal life and public image depending on how much information they want to share with the world. That’s when Washington addressed the rumors that her marriage with Asomugha was failing.

“I think — and this is something Reese Witherspoon has talked about a lot — it’s a little different for me because I don’t talk about my personal life,” said Washington. “Social media has actually been great for [other celebrities’] relationships with the weeklies or the gossip sites because people say things and they say, ‘That’s not true! Just so you know, that’s BS!’ I say ‘BS’ because it’s Sunday. So I’m thinking in some ways, it’s been great because people are able to maintain their voice.

“If I don’t talk about my personal life, it means I don’t talk about my personal life. That means not only did I not tell you when I was getting married, it also means if somebody has rumors about what’s going on in my marriage, I don’t refute them, because I don’t talk about my personal life.”

Not surprisingly, some fans and reporters were left wondering if Washington’s comments were confirmation that there had been trouble in paradise. Whether that was indeed true or not, Washington did speak lovingly about Asomugha and brought up a funny story that her husband told her.

“My husband says that I’m funnier since I became a mom, and that luckily I was pregnant when I did ‘SNL’ because I was really funny. I think something about being a mom has made me let go even more of ideas of perfectionism, like when you’re pregnant you’re just not in control of anything. Like every day you’re like, ‘What am I today?’ ” Washington said.

Well, considering how often we see reality TV relationships fail from overexposure and rumors, we can certainly understand why Washington and Asomugha don’t want to take a chance and give the rumor mills any reason to cast doubt or strife or confusion on their marriage.