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Music » KISS singer Gene Simmons says he wants rap to die

KISS singer Gene Simmons says he wants rap to die

Photo credit: Fox Business via Youtube screenshot

Photo credit: Fox Business via Youtube screenshot

Like beauty, the definition of good music is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. But if you ask Gene Simmons, member of the classic rock band KISS, what constitutes good music, chances are his answer won’t be “rap.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Simmons said, “I am looking forward to the death of rap.”

“I’m looking forward to music coming back to lyrics and melody, instead of just talking. A song, as far as I’m concerned, is by definition lyric and melody, or just melody,” he continued.

This isn’t the first time Simmons has voiced disdain for rap music. In 2014, Simmons, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, questioned why some of the greatest legends and pioneers in hip-hop history were receiving Hall of Fame status.

“You’ve got Grandmaster Flash [and the Furious Five] in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Run-DMC in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You’re killing me. That doesn’t mean those aren’t good artists. But they don’t play guitar. They sample and they talk,” he said.

Although many rap fans would not consider themselves to be “gangsters,” Simmons points out in his recent interview that he doesn’t “have the cultural background to appreciate being a gangster.”

“Of course that’s not what it’s all about, but that’s where it comes from,” he continued. “That’s the heart and soul of it. It came from the streets.”

Yes, rap music started in the streets, but it has since become a worldwide movement enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, from those holding executive positions in the boardroom to those who live a street lifestyle, and everyone in between.

Since rap music is enjoyed by a variety of people and has become intertwined with today’s pop culture, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. But Simmons, however, still sees the genre coming to an end eventually.

“Rap will die,” he assures. “Next year, 10 years from now, at some point, and then something else will come along. And all that is good and healthy.”


  1. cupcake333 on March 18, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    BLAST BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!!this how racist think .. anything black FOLKS HONOR has to be a fade MISTAKE?? mr simmon people said the same bout that loud, no melody noise you call rock!!! elvis was rb but still the greatest rock legend? ELVIS DIDNT SING OUT OF TUNE LOUD..WITH GUITAR BLASTING THE EAR WAX OUT!!!! . .the word rock dont apply to any one genre of people okkkk you dummy those brain cells of his got knock to mars he is soooooo gone .. i feel sorry for his wife she gott to put up with this racist for ever…… where are the journey , aerosmith, ? white snake ? ledzepplin kizz rock junkie.. for one the people who liked these groups are 70 retired moved on with grandkids ..while people like simmon trying to recapture a era thats bye bye gonnnnne never comeing back… i love 70 music but their mostly dead … thank to face surgery hair emplants and veggie diets he AND STEVEN TYLER .. STILL RUNNING AROUND CRYING FOUL …. YOU WANT TO BE ANGRY TALK TO THE KIDS WHO BUY RAPP MUSIC 79% WHITE KIDS BUYING JAYZ , LIL WAYNE , YOUNG JOC .FUTURE , … rapp star rake in millions due to white sells not black .. they would degrade you simmon rather let you get in the way of what they grew to love .. college kids know rapp is about the street .. but rock was about drugs chasing women and gothic killing… often referring to the devil worshipping…. kizz costums was no sunday school lesson… dark gothic then ozzy ozburen bit off a rat head … a ritual rock groups personfied!!!! so shut up old man go get your gerritol and heating pad go to BED NOW….

    • Nigg_Newton on March 19, 2016 at 2:24 pm

      RAP music is GARBAGE after 1998!

      Sorry it just FACT!

  2. bt on March 19, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    God I get a kick out of how so many people save their anger for the very important discussions like Gene thinking rap will die soon…direct it somewhere where it will do some good. All guy does is say that music is cyclical and rap will eventually die and….wow. Now, he obviously has a distaste for rap as many have for other types of music but the truth all other types of music..its popularity will eventually wane for a period of time but like every other type of music, it will make a resurgence again later. Even happens to rock music. Big deal. And no genre ever really dies anyway. The labels tell the mindless sheep whats popular and the masses follow…always been this way. There is no such thing anymore (rarely), as radio dj’s who play what they want or what the people actually want to hear. It’s what the big labels pay for you to hear. There are so many popular bands in all genres that have mass followings but because they aren’t signed to a major label, they rarely get played. There…I’m done ranting. And besides all that, it’s as I’ve taught my son…there is no such thing as bad music. Every persons ear is their own, what sounds good to you is all that matters. Music is a powerful thing and you should not be told what you should like and listen to.

  3. Don Peterman on March 30, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Coming from the dickhead who produced a series to air on The Hub Network with the name Kiss Hello Kitty, with animated versions of the KISS members with Hello Kitty.