Did Pastor Troy get ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ star pregnant?

Photo Credit: Pastor Troy's Instagram (@pastortroydsgb)
Photo credit: Instagram – @pastortroydsgb

Rapper Pastor Troy found himself in an odd celebrity scandal earlier this year when it was rumored that he was dating “Little Women: ATL” star Ashley “Miss Minnie” Ross. Although nothing much ever seemed to come of the rumors, the pair found themselves in the tabloids again this weekend when rumors popped up that Troy might have fathered a child with Minnie.

As previously reported, the dating rumors began in February when Minnie told most of her “Little Women: ATL” cast members that she was dating Troy and that he’d even appear on the show with her. However, Troy never stepped in front of the cameras with Minnie and shortly after she declared that Troy was her boyfriend, she told her cast mates that she and Troy had broken up.

Although many, including Minnie’s cast mates, assumed that she had lied about dating Troy, the Southern rapper posted a photo on Instagram page around that time with the caption, ““#shortestrelationshipinhistory #shehadashortfuse.”

Troy never directly confirmed whether he was with Minnie or not, but fuel was added to the fire recently when reports claimed that, during taping for the upcoming “Little Women: ATL” reunion special, Minnie claimed that she was pregnant and that Troy was the father of her child.

Although Troy has posted about Minnie’s pregnancy, even going so far as to jokingly ask his fans to help name the baby, according to media reports, he recently spoke about Minnie’s allegations and claimed that he’s not the father of her child.

“I don’t know about all that rap RadarOnline. We have to see,” he said. “We’re gonna have to take a DNA test!”

Troy claims that he isn’t dating Minnie and that she only claimed that he is the father of her child in order to gain publicity.

“That’s my homegirl,” he said. “She jumped at them now with the wildest story in the world about us being a couple! But we really are friends, and I never really shot [the rumor] down.”

Well, this situation is either a joke that went left, or it’s a messy situation that’s perfect for reality TV. In any case, time and a paternity test will prove whether Troy is the father or not.

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