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Are you competing against another woman for a man’s attention?

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images /

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images /

Ladies, are you competing against another woman for a man’s attention? Competition is definitely a part of the human nature and most importantly dating. And, we as women are competitive by nature. Think about this — have you ever been out at a club or restaurant and you are eyeing a man that is out with his lady? Mature women will recognize that he may be taken and just step aside, while others will see this as a challenge (and you know who you are).

The sad thing is that some women will go to any length to make this man “hers,” regardless of the fact that he is dating someone else. She is determined to prove that she is the one for him. This may include throwing the other woman (under the bus), if necessary. And, this is when the disrespect comes into play — the competitor will seek out the women’s insecurities, illnesses, flaws or weaknesses, only to make herself look better. However, a man may be flattered that another woman has an interest in him, but a real man will never want you, and will see you as disrespectful and cunning.

Secondly, some women could care less about a relationship or love, but are power struck. Nothing in this world would make them happier, than to steal someone else’s man and the sad part is — they don’t even want him and if he was single, they would have no interest. Unfortunately, there is a lot of game in the dating scene in 2016, but you have to be wise enough to see if you are being played?

And, of course, the forbidden fruit … the man that has everything going for him —  good looks, a successful career, a beautiful woman on his side, a wedding ring on his finger — clearly displaying all the signs that he is off limits. Sadly enough, this type of man (forbidden fruit), makes some women want him even more, as you’ve probably heard before — they want what they cannot have.

Ladies, if you are exhibiting any of these actions, please take some time and look within to see what is causing such inappropriate, disrespectful, and unladylike behavior.

At the end of the day, I am the least bit interested in a man that I have to compete with another woman or women for. I don’t care if every woman wants him. A real man will never take part in this immature act, as he will make sure that I don’t have to compete with anyone.



  1. Malibu Jones on March 24, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    This needed to be said. Women often exhibit this type of behavior when I am out with my babe. I am not sure why they believe this behavior is OK or that it’s attractive. It reeks desperation. If he wants you, he will seek you.

  2. guest on March 24, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Women definitely are more competitive when it comes to getting the attention of a man that is already taken. Most men would never flirt with a woman that’s with another man but I’ve seen it and experienced it several time myself.

  3. Not about that life on March 25, 2016 at 11:25 am

    Girls will always want what they don’t have, women appreciate what they got.

  4. cupcake333 on March 25, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    its a lot of shady going on in these triangle type relationship . , men are dogs the ones who are ,,,, they will have nothing to offer and yet have two females duking it out over them teen girl do this a lot over boys therefore teaching young men this trait of personality .. they know by 20 its beneficial to have two females fighting for his attention . that is why the baby moma situation is so fu.cked up .. the dead beat daddy . has a baby moma always fighting for the attention she didnt get .not realizing that a baby dont mean a man want you .. a man sees a baby moma like a chick he met and dump .. but the problem is he dont accept she want him still and will do anything to cause .. his new relationsip to fail.. if he sleep with the baby moma .. he loses his girlfriend .. most women will not stand for that betrayal .. he often will hate the babymoma in order to stay away from her .. he ends up on childsupport.. but he saves his relationship .its a sacrefice many men with no education no job will take .. they will kiss but with the baby moma even go as far as not getting in a serious committment to please the baby moma.. it always end up with the child suffering not having a father around .. you cant break up wiht a baby moma .. some of these fools think they can .. they will never marry the babymoma . and hardly any woman will marry him once she see ,, his closeness to the babymoma .. he just want to stay out of jail. if he aint on child support but giving the babymoma money??? runnnnn ladies .. he will string you along telling you he want to stay out of jail so he comply with the baby moma . all the time he creepin