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DJ Kodaq reveals his pick for future of hip-hop, talks college tours

DJ Kodaq with headphones

Photo courtesy of DJ Kodaq

When you first meet DJ Kodaq, before introductions or making eye contact, you may think he’s a bit menacing. But don’t be fooled by his swagger, he’s one who likes to poke fun. He’s an Atlanta-based deejay who often updates his social media with posts that make you giggle a little with his sarcasm and self-deprecation.

Read what DJ Kodaq has to say about R. Kelly, Nick Grant and more. –jerry clark sr.

The 10 songs I’m listening to are …

10.  “Knickers” – Jidenna
9.   “Alright” – Kendrick Lamar
8.   “Watch Out” – 2 Chainz
7.   “Ultralight Beam” – Kanye West
6.   “Summer Sixteen” – Drake
5.   “Exchange” – Bryson Tiller
4.   “Horses in the Stable” – Ty $
3.   “Royalty Remix” – Nick Grant
2.   “Jumpman” – Future x Drake
1.   “Low Life” – Future


Classic: “Get Low.” I don’t know how “Classic ” we’re talking here, but “Get Low” is one of my favorite party songs ever.
International: There is this insanely turnt song by this Asian rapper, Keith Ape, it’s called “It G Ma”. I have no idea what they’re saying, but the beat and their delivery makes it irresistible.
Energy: “I Don’t Give A Fxxx” by Lil Jon, Krayzie Bone, and Mystikal
Dance: I’m from Atlanta, so our “dance”category is different. So I gotta say, “Snap Ya Fingaz” by Lil Jon, Sean Paul, and E40
Hip Hop: Ironically, it’s a song called “Hip Hop” by DJ Khaled, Nas, Scarface, and DJ Premier
Comtemporary: “Cut It” by OT Genasis and “Down In The DM” by Yo Gotti
Corporate: “This is How We Do It” and “Hit The Quan”

What is your mission?

I started off by just wanting to be one of the best DJs/radio personalities to come out of Atlanta. That was it for a long time. I linked up with Greg Street, which I’m eternally grateful for him giving me the opportunity, and started working events with him. And, it was cool. Then I went back to school for my Criminal Justice degree, and realized I could use music and my platform in music to help kids in my community and others like it. I linked up with a community service and mental health program called “Do it 4 the Hood” and started deejaying at schools around Atlanta, working my craft, and showing kids that it’s more to life than the negativity they see on a consistent basis. I guess my mission is to continue to be a role model for kids, whether as a youth counselor or mentor, continue my degree, and continue ripping down all obstacles so they know that it’s possible.

Career Highlight – Tour, Breaking Records: One of my biggest has to be deejaying for R. Kelly at this mansion party here in Atlanta. It wasn’t the size of the function, because it was private. But being able to DJ for a legend in music like that. Incredible moment.

Artist – Look out – on the moment: Nick Grant, Nick Grant, Nick Grant, had to say it three times so it’s clear. He’s the future of hip-hop. All positive vibes

Style of Sets Performed: Hip-hop with the occasional incorporation of EDM.

What is DJ Creativity?

To me, DJ Creativity is when we can make an entire new sound out of combining multiple songs. It’s like “how can I fit this gospel a capella into a classic hip-hop beat? Or doing that with songs that cross genre, or stuff like that. How can I make new sounds?

Top five artists: In order, Kanye West, Eminem, Andre 3000, Drake, Kendrick Lamar

Top three producers: DJ Mustard, Zaytoven and Metro Boomin

Social media – Role of DJ: The DJ on social media should be involved in pushing what he thinks people should be listening to, and do it in an unbiased way. You can help an artists blow with a RT now. Social media is powerful.

Top three places to DJ: I’m young, and I like intimate settings. Anything on college campuses is dope to me. Bars and private functions. Not really into clubs. I started doing more shows than I did clubs, so touring is really my thing.

Find DJ K.O. (Kodaq) on Twitter and IG: @DJKayyOhh.