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Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson appeared on “The View” to talk about his political decisions and Donald Trump. The hosts asked Carson serious questions and his responses still have many scratching their heads.

Whoopi Goldberg rips Ben Carson on ‘The View’

Mo Barnes

Mo Barnes

Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician. He has been writing for Rolling Out since 2014. Whether it means walking through a bloody police shooting to help a family find justice or showing the multifaceted talent of the Black Diaspora I write the news.


  1. J on March 25, 2016 at 11:45 am

    I’m sorry but Whoopi didn’t rip anything or anyone in this video. If anything, she probably let one rip during the segment.

    • Lamar Battle on March 25, 2016 at 12:25 pm

      Your White aren’t you lol. No other race could be this damn dumb

  2. Jared C on March 26, 2016 at 8:22 am

    This has got to be the epitome of Hollywood stupidity… Whoopie Goldberg’s pathetic attempt at the degradation of Dr. Ben Carson is hard to even watch… Dr. Carson, a world renowned brain surgeon, has done more for the black community this past year than she will ever do in her entire life and to raise her voice in accusation at him for suggesting that he is supporting a racist is despicable. Especially when there is not one shred of evidence that even hints of Trump being a racist… Dr. Carson is a well respected, Christian, black man who actually cares about improving the lives of blacks across America. When fat-ass, gorilla-faced Whoopie recklessly berates a man like Dr. Carson publicly as she did for absolutely no reason, she is selfishly stripping away at Dr. Carson’s integrity only so she can get a few seconds of her foolishness played on the evening national news reports… these occasional outbursts are out of desparation on her part because she feels like it legitimizes her position with blacks, women and stupid people all across America everytime she bombastically acts as she did yesterday and also when she ran off the stage in a rage on one episode when Barbara Walters had invited Bill O’Reilly on the show… Barbara immediately went to commercial and when she came back she ripped Whoopie a new blowhole for acting so childish. Too bad she wasn’t fired that day and i wouldn’t have to be writing about her sorry ass today.

    Because i am a political science graduate i am very knowledgeable on every candidate in this race and she was dead wrong in her characterization of Carson and Trump. She wrongly chastised probably the best black leader we currently have in America by spewing her ignorance out of that black blowhole looking mouth of hers without providing any facts to back her statements up. When she talks it reminds me of the blowhole on top of Orca the Killer Whale, but i shouldn’t shame the whale like that… he is way more intelligent. Everything she said was entirely presumptuous. Trump is a lot of bad things, but no one has been able to prove any level of bigotry displayed by Trump in his past; or much less, was he ever considered a racist by anyone… until the all-knowing, smarter than a brain surgeon, Whoopie Goldberg came along and suddenly accused him of it for no reason yesterday.

    Now I know its hard to discredit her because of how she looks so intelligent every day… sitting there bitching about stupid gossip and hot topics as she farts live on air and waves it around, but if you cant figure it out on your own, take it from me… i can assure you, Dr. Carson’s pinky toe is way more intelligent than she ever will be and i will believe him over her dreadlocks any day of the week.

    If the black community is going to sit back and allow her to treat someone of Dr. Carson’s caliber like that… then shame on yall. That man donates his medical expertise to poor blacks for free in his spare time and all she does is buy over-priced, ugly-ass shoes for her fat, bunionized feet and doesn’t give a shit that she just tried to ruin a reputable man’s character over her bullshit, self-righteous, stubborn assumptions. I will never watch The View again and if you care anything at all about right from wrong then you will do the same… because that loud-mouthed, blob on the left hand side of your TV is never gonna change her ways and she is too stupid to know when she is wrong to apologize.

    I wish i was Barbara Walters because she would’ve been fired on the spot and on Monday i would revel in the fact that she would be somewhere else begging a producer to create Sista Act 4 so she can pay off her dealer for her latest weed transaction and put her last pair of ridiculously ugly shoes that she bought for $1000’s of dollars on layaway… instead of helping the poor like Dr. Carson does in his spare time.

    • Kjirsten Randall on March 26, 2016 at 8:58 am

      You’re an idiot. No. You’re a racist, idiot, bully with a heart full of hatred & the epitome of what’s wrong with this country. Not only are you racist, but the ineffective manner in which you articulate your point of view makes you appear childish and uneducated. We need less people like you.

      • Jarred C on March 28, 2016 at 4:03 am

        Hello Kjirsten,

        I noted some issues with your response.
        First of all, i have 3 college degrees, so i am far from an idiot. Second thing, i am definitely not a bully or a racist. I am not going to list my resume of organizations or boards that i was appointed to which help many minorities attain homes and jobs, but i would be willing to bet that unlike you, who only talks in comments in defense of others, i actually do things to help them.

        I had a discussion last night with one of my black friends who agrees with my view on this, know-it-all actress desparately trying to portray a substantial talk show host who as you say, “bullied” Dr. Carson on a now pointless show that is going to shit because of her. The View was fairly decent at one time, but is now a sorry excuse for daytime talk.

        You call me a racist, yet i gave Dr. Carson the utmost credit and respect in my comment… i have met racists in my life; where as, you have obviously never have met one in person. Racists are vile, despicable people full of hate who would never dream of giving compliments of any kind to anyone of color regardless of their status or achievements. Sad to say in south Louisiana where it thrives. I’ve lived amongst it my whole life and have suffered personally from it while in defense of my black friends… so before you accuse me of being a racist, maybe you should get a dictionary to learn the true meaning of the word or come with me to help a poor family move into a home and deal with the racist threats i receive sometimes just for assisting a minority… but let me guess, you are the true defender of racial justice that every night takes up arms in the form of a keyboard only to selflessly rush into battle against the onslaught of vicious racism that is relentlessly invading the world of social media led by Dr. Carson and Donald Trump… give me a break. Bottom line is, if you are here legally and you are not breaking the law then you should have nothing to worry about from their policies.

        Im going to assume that you are too shallow or incompetent to understand what is actually at stake in this election because those that are specifically worried about the optics have no clue about the important issues, but we are in desparate need of two things… someone who is actually going to make our country secure again by stopping illegal immigration and will start a road to recovery on the national debt… everything else is trivial bullshit.

        I pray that someone like Dr. Carson will be in a position to make a huge difference next year and i would rather that loud-mouthed, reverse-racism inciting and very ignorant Whoopie Goldberg not impede he and Trump’s dedication to achieving those two issues by raising false accusations.

        • Kjirsten Randall on March 31, 2016 at 5:25 pm

          I got to the part where you talk about all your degrees and then stopped reading. Degrees have nothing to do with ignorance, intolerance or humanity. Donald Trump is a blatant racist, is anti-woman, evades important political questions, because he has no answers or political knowledge, his rallies resemble the days of segregation where there was no freedom of speech. Trump is a danger to the welfare of this country, if elected America will be taking decades of steps backwards, he has zero integrity & anyone who votes for him is no better.

      • guest on March 28, 2016 at 10:22 am

        Yes he is

  3. Samantha Jones on March 28, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    When u do things from the heart,it’s between u and GOD to boost about ur charity work,what u do for others and people of color or how many degrees u may have under ur belt has nothing to do with ur decision/s to chose the right candidate to become the next President of the United States.
    We all take our chances when it come to voting for some who says they will better person for the job to make things better for our country and the people,some voters will b disappointed by the decisions they’ve made and some voters will b please by the decisions they’ve make.
    Trump is very aggressive,arrogant,disrespectful,a bully and could careless about the interests of all the AMERICANS,Trump is a ambitious hustlers and knows with the right amount of MONEY,the POWER IS N THE PALMS OF HIS HANDS.
    I personally think he didn’t think he would have made it this far n the race,so now he’s being more overly cocky and think he has the presidency n the bag.
    I haven’t heard at no time or another where Trump explained how he’s gonna make many changes for the better for everyone,from what I have seen and heard from him so far is he’s calling names,saying how big his dick is,making lude remarks and mimicking and mocking the handicap,encouraging his supporters at his rallies to attract non supporters who interrupts him while he’s on the podium.
    I really don’t know much about politics,but I do know what I c and hear coming from these candidates and Trump is outta control with his actions and words,it’s seems to me that these politicians have a fear of Trump and he knows and c’s their fear,this is y he’s being reckless and ruthless.
    He makes statement saying “HE WILL MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN”,as far as I’m concern as a black woman or from the eyes of any black person “WHEN WAS THIS COUNTRY EVER GREAT FOR ALL”? RHETORICALLY SPEAKING,CAUSE U AND I BOUT R READY KNOW THE ANSWER??!
    Again we all take our chances when it comes to voting for the right person for the job and most all politicians will say whatever needs to b said to get ur vote and many points from the voters basically at any cost.
    No matter how educated one may b,if u don’t have commonsense u r blinded n many aspects?!
    When u do things to help others and look for recognition or boost about what u have done for others,it basically have no meaning or merit,cause it wasn’t done from the heart???!