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Twista busted on drug charges before performance

Photo Credit: Porter County Sheriff Department

Thursday night, fans in Valparaiso, Indiana were left feeling disappointed after learning Chicago rapper Twista would not be making a scheduled performance at the venue Big Shots because he was detained and arrested while on the way to the show.

“Disappointing..great show though..screw you Porter County!! #‎critical219‬ ‪#‎twista312‬ ‪#‎bigshotsvalpo‬,” one fan vented on the show’s event page.

According to reports, the 42-year-old rapper, whose real name is Carl Mitchell, was arrested after the Rolls Royce Phantom he was riding in got pulled over by authorities for following an SUV too closely. Upon approaching the vehicle, Cpl. Paul Czupryn detected the smell of marijuana and questioned the car’s driver Johnnie Euell. Euell reportedly admitted that the group had smoked marijuana shortly before being pulled over. Officers then searched the vehicle and found half an ounce of weed hidden inside a fake can that no one would admit to owning.

Twista, Euell, and the car’s other two occupants, Michael Moore and Darrin Woody, were all then arrested on a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession. All four men were later released on $500 cash bonds.

After his release from jail, Twista issued a statement criticizing the authorities for not focusing on “more serious” crimes.

“I think the Indiana police could of spent the tax payers’ money arresting someone else with a more serious crime other than me,” he said. “This is 2016, getting arrested for weed is like getting arrested for jay walking.”

Authorities allege the arrest was made after heightened patrols of the area due to the concert and previous incidents of violence at a prior show by Twista and another artist, Montana of 300, whom was also scheduled to appear at the venue. Almost 50 officers from various surrounding counties converged on the area to take part in the elevated patrols.

“This saturation patrol detail was to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Porter County,” said Porter County Sheriff David Reynolds.

As for the eager concertgoers awaiting Twista’s performance, officers say the crowd dispersed peacefully with no incident after learning that his appearance was canceled.


  1. Bob Sheridan on March 28, 2016 at 12:43 am

    I agree. You got illegal aliens all over the place and they get amnesty. You go to jail for weed in 2016?

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    • cupcake333 on May 3, 2016 at 8:46 pm

      if police would do their real job they would not have to even secure the border as much , they are not arresting 6 mexicans in a truck on the way to work .. mexican men dont travel at night time ony during the day time , black men travel anytime we please .. why should we hide? as a result all these police killing started about 20 year ago it got bad .. and 10 year now cops been getting videoed by citizen 10 year ago the iphone come about cops knew then they were takeing a chance and still believe they can not get busted inappropriately shooting blacks they have to bump thier heads a few more times while we wait and lose more of our young men. that is why twister is wronggggg he need to be a parent ,i bet you he has no kids because only black men his age acting like this is gay with no kid are have never claimed a kid .. dead beat runnaway daddy etc

  2. cupcake333 on April 16, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    well its not ok to critisize police for arresting a few old ass pot heads , as parent we would like to know the police is checking concerts and places like that teens migrate too make sure no one is selling dope or smoking heavy and driving .. drinking etc .. YES THEY SHOULD OF PULLED HIM OVER.. i bet no kids got arrested near the concert area but old azz twister whom at 42 need to chill .. is not role model for nobodys kids our black kids are haviing enough mistaken idenity and racial profiling with police we need to teach them to not be out there smoking weed riding 4 deep on a busy night every car full of black men is not suspicious to be pulled over but on a concert night near a concert venue is probably cause to me . kids do all kind of junk ..and BTW .. ok its not a serious crime but this is not legal to be riding around with that much weed in the car less you in colorado then thats a maybe too