Serial rapist fatally struck by trailer while watching porn

Photo credit: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Photo credit: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

One Memphis, Tennessee man’s obsession with sex got him into trouble with the law several times, and now it’s killed him.

Kevin Jordan, 55, was involved in a freak accident on Wednesday when a 15-foot runaway trailer struck him as he walked down the sidewalk. According to witnesses who spoke to police, Jordan had been watching pornography on his cell phone at the time of the accident, WMC reported.

“I think it is ironic that he was watching porn. And this dealt with some of the crimes he may have perpetrated,” a dentist who works nearby the scene of the accident told reporters.

The irony is connected to Jordan’s record of being a serial rapist in the area. He had been convicted of raping several Memphis women during the early 1990s. Known as the “Highland Street Rapist,” Jordan pleaded guilty to 20 felonies, which included nine rapes, an attempted rape, and numerous burglaries, according to the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

Jordan was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but he was released in 2010 due to good behavior.

Shelby County Judge Chris Craft, the prosecutor in the decades-old serial rape case, described Jordan as “scary” and explained the method he used to prey on unsuspecting women.

“He would dress up in a suit, and look like a real clean gentleman,” Judge Craft told Fox13. “He would find some elderly women or sometimes young women in a grocery store and say, ‘Hey, ma’am. Can I help you with your groceries?’

“And then he would come back four or five days later, beat and rape them.”

About a half a mile from the Highland stores where Jordan found his victims is where he was killed. His fiancée, Connie Harris, told WMC that she’s devastated by the news and that Jordan had cleaned his life up a long time ago.

“It’s a big loss,” Harris said. “I love him. I still love him.”

She also attempted to set the record straight about Jordan’s most recent offense. He was arrested for indecent exposure two years ago after allegedly being caught masturbating to a woman who was looking out of her office window. Harris said her fiancé was actually just urinating and that he was near her office because he was on dialysis due to kidney failure.

Authorities are still investigating the traffic accident, and no one has been charged.

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