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Katt Williams a wanted man

Photo Credit: Katt Williams' Twitter (@KattPackAllDay)

Photo credit: Katt Williams’ Twitter (@KattPackAllDay)

Katt Williams is no stranger to tabloid scandals, but last week he found himself in a whole new world of trouble and embarrassment when a viral video of Williams getting into a fight with a 7th grader hit the web. Since then, the Internet has been making Williams the butt of an endless amount of jokes. However, the law doesn’t think the video is so funny and reports now claim that Williams is a wanted man.

As previously reported, in the viral clip, Williams can be seen arguing with 17-year-old Luke Walsh before suddenly punching him in the face. The boy then wrestles Williams to the ground and puts him in a choke hold before the fight is broken up. An extended clip of the altercation recently hit the Internet and shows that Williams was playing soccer with neighborhood kids before he got into the argument with Walsh after he harassed the comedian.

Recently, Williams explained during a stand-up comedy routine why he decided to fight the young man, who he thought was older than 18.

“I say to myself let me stand up and let this n—- see that even though we’re the same size, you’re a little boy. I’m a grown a– man. I can hit you with this broken fist and get blood, I just want you to have a bloody mouth so that you can have that lesson later. That’s what happens when you say slick s— to grown a– men because maybe them n—– can’t teach you that, but a n—- that can hit you can is also a n—- that can pull out a gun and blow your motherf—— brains out. Why would you put yourself in that position just because you lost a soccer game? But clearly you probably don’t have no father to teach you that,” Williams said.

Well, that lesson is going to cost Williams more than just his pride because media reports claim that police have put out warrants for both Williams and Walsh. The reports reveal that Walsh and Williams have been charged with disorderly conduct. The charge has an even worse impact on Williams because sources say that it violates his conditional bond from his arrest for allegedly assaulting one of his bodyguards.

Sources say that Walsh was booked yesterday afternoon and is being held on $1,300 bond.

However, there’s no word on whether Williams is in custody yet. If he doesn’t turn himself in, though, police are willing to find and arrest Williams.

Well, it looks like it’s time for Williams to talk with his lawyer to start discussing his legal options.