Columbus Short claps back at Karrine Steffans

Photo Credit: Columbus Short's Instagram (@officialcshort)
Photo Credit: Columbus Short’s Instagram (@officialcshort)

Columbus Short and Karrine Steffans have been plastered all over the tabloids this week ever since Steffans accused Short of cheating on her with multiple women. Since then, both Steffans and Short have commented on the breakup, while reports have surfaced that the pair may not have even had a legal marriage to fight over. Now, Short has decided to clap back at Steffans over her latest accusations against him.

As previously reported, Steffans announced the couple’s demise to the world this week with a couple Instagram posts accusing Short of cheating on her with multiple women. However, Short responded by saying that he didn’t cheat on her. Instead, the claimed that they simply had a disagreement about the subject of her new book and that he decided to leave because they couldn’t see eye to eye.

That’s when the volume was turned up on the drama as reports surfaced that there are court documents showing that Steffans and Short couldn’t be legally married because he still has a pending divorce with his estranged wife, Tanee Short.

When Steffans found out about the accusations that her marriage wasn’t real, she decided to post a cropped photo of a marriage license with Short’s name on it. But the license doesn’t show Steffans’ name nor does it show a date of marriage. But Steffans didn’t stop there. She also took the opportunity to bash Short and claimed that the other reason besides cheating that their so-called marriage didn’t work is because Short is an addict.

“IN RESPONSE TO STATEMENTS MADE BY @officialcshort ON SIRIUS RADIO: Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue that affects families and marriages worldwide. It breeds violence and lies, resentment and hate. It hurts. I love my husband and as always, I will and do forgive him for all his poor decisions. Some addicts refuse treatment at the urging of family and friends when done in private, and only seek help when brought to task publicly–when the public charade has been unveiled. Sometimes, this is the only way to save a life. My husband’s issues have been public knowledge for years, and yes, I chose love him anyway. It is my sincerest hope that @officialcshort gets the professional help he needs and I will be there to support him when or if he does,” Steffans wrote in the Instagram post.

Well, Short didn’t take kindly to Steffans’ accusations about him being addicted to drugs and alcohol and this morning he decided to fire back at Steffans on his Twitter page. Read what he had to say about her, after the cut.

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