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Cops disrupt YG and Nipsey Hussle’s anti-Trump video shoot

 Crowd at YG and Nipsey Hussle video shoot (Photo Credit: KNOWMADICLIFE VIA INSTAGRAM)

Crowd at YG and Nipsey Hussle video shoot (Photo Credit: KNOWMADICLIFE VIA INSTAGRAM)

The 2016 presidential election continues to cause controversy because of the comments of candidate Donald Trump and his views on women, immigration and the Black Lives Matter movement. Many artists have taken to using music to express their political views. West Coast rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle found themselves in trouble while shooting an anti-Donald Trump video. The pair was filming scenes for their song ““F— Donald Trump” in Downtown, Los Angeles and according to police, they were disrupting traffic on Sunday and Monday. The video is full of graphic language and criticizes the Republican frontrunner for his statements including that he was going to build a wall between the US and Mexico as well as his negative comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a recent interview about the video, Nipsey Hussle stated, “Him being so vocal and one-sided on how he feels about Mexican people as far as categorizing (them) as illegal immigrants and that they make no positive contributions to the country. I felt like they needed somebody to ride for ‘em.”

Despite the police presence, the video shoot continued, but not without issues. Police were concerned with stunts that were being performed such as one of the rappers sitting in a sunroof as a car did ‘doughnuts’ in the middle of the street. In addition, crowds of the rappers’ fans were marching up and down the street chanting “F— Donald Trump” in unison as part of the video. Police first arrived on the scene Sunday with a large force of officers and a police helicopter flying over the crowd. The shoot then continued on Monday with near the same level of police presence but the rappers were able to finish the video. The crowd was not violent. Police made no arrests.