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It’s getting hot in here: Songstress Tabitha’s sexiest Instagram photos

Photo credit: @TabithaMusik/Instagram

Photo credit: @TabithaMusik – Instagram

A “free spirit who writes her own “s—,” it’s no surprise that songstress Tabitha is on our radar. Hailing from a small city called Leiden in The Netherlands, the Surinamese-Chinese-Dutch beauty is a breath of fresh air. Following her beloved father’s death in 2001, Tabitha turned to music as a way to express herself. At the tender age of 12, she recorded her first hook in a studio. It was then that she realized making music wasn’t just something she loved but her purpose.

“It all started as a form of medication for what I was going through … I wasn’t the easiest to handle in my teenage years. I was actually quite the rebel. I never felt like I fit in anywhere, especially not in school,” she says.

When conventional schooling didn’t cut it for the rising star, she found herself auditioning for a musical education program at the Pop Academy. After being accepted, she became the first student ever to finish the four-year program in two years. Work!

Having experienced her fair share of independent labels and management companies trying to stick her in a box, Tabitha met her match in award-winning singer-songwriter-producer Timothy Bloom, who discovered her on Facebook. In fact, Bloom was so impressed that he invited Tabitha to work with as well as join him onstage for a duet in London. The chemistry was undeniable and since, the dynamic duo have been working on Tabitha’s debut album in Los Angeles. Titled No Fiction, the album is written entirely by Tabitha and produced by Bloom.

Fresh off her upcoming album is the recently released track “Dear Summer,” which pays homage to ’90s R&B and hip-hop and it will be released this spring. Although we’re unsure when the project will be complete in its entirety, satisfy your appetite for Tabitha by checking out some of her sexiest Instagram images in the gallery below.