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Ryan Leslie talks tech at Beyond the Mic summit in Atlanta


Ryan Leslie is finding new ways to inspire the hip-hop community to become more aware of the importance of technology. Leslie recently served as the keynote speaker at the Beyond the Mic summit presented by ONE Music Fest. Jay Carter moderated the event which allowed Leslie to discuss music, technology, and his latest project, SuperPhone.

“It’s all about acknowledgment and appreciation. And so this gives me the platform. This gives me the technological muscle to be able to identify and connect with or communicate with the folks that support me the most. And like I said, if someone were to run up on me today and be like ‘hey I’m your number one fan’, I can literally look them up. I can see how long they’ve been supporting me, [I can] see how many shows they’ve been to and really show them the appreciation that they deserve,” Leslie said during the event.

Checkout images below.

Photos:  Joycelynn Okezie