Lee Daniels celebrates 6-year romance

Photo Credit: Lee Daniels' Instagram (@theoriginalbigdaddy)
Photo Credit: Lee Daniels’ Instagram (@theoriginalbigdaddy)

Lee Daniels may be one of the most famous and accomplished gay men in the world of TV and film, but unlike most celebrities, he’s been able to successfully manage how much information the world knows about his romantic life. But this weekend the “Empire” producer let the world in on his relationship as he celebrated six years together with his boyfriend.

Yesterday, Daniels posted a photo of himself holding his boyfriend, freelance stylist Jahil Fisher, on the red carpet and captioned the photo with a loving message about the six years they’ve spent together as a couple.

Photo Credit: Lee Daniels' Instagram (@theoriginalbigdaddy)
Photo Credit: Lee Daniels’ Instagram (@theoriginalbigdaddy)

“6 years…. Who’d a thunk…. Love u fisher!!!! I LOVE YOU  …even if you wore those Ysl boots that made you look taller then me …#cherish,” Daniels wrote.

This isn’t the first time he’s opened up about his romance with Fisher. Last year, both Daniels and Fisher shared some details about their relationship with each other and Daniels explained why their age difference (Daniels is 56 and Fisher is 34) wasn’t enough to stop their love from blossoming.

“He’s very hip, and he brings all of that into my antiquated way of thinking,” Daniels said. “But it’s tricky. I’m 55 and he’s 33, so there’s a huge age difference between us, and I’m nervous about that. Thinking of the future, I get very Demi Moore–ish about it all. But if I’m living in the now, I know that each of my relationships has given me something important. My first gave me kids. My second gave me stability. This one — he makes me feel more responsible and accountable. And the sex is continually off the chain. I remember first being attracted to his legs, and it’s nice to be in a relationship where, five years in, the sex is still there. That’s unique for me, because I get bored quickly.”

Meanwhile, Fisher explained how passionate and intense of a lover Daniels is.

“He has a concentrated personality — he’s so intense — so when he looks at you, and he’s loving you, it pours over you,” Fisher explained. “That intense love is what keeps me going. It can be hard to be part of such a public figure’s personal life, but I don’t have much of an ego, and I understand the bigger picture. I want to support his gift.”

We’re happy that Daniels and Fisher have found a strong and lasting love in each other and we hope they can celebrate many more anniversaries together.

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