OG Hustle talks about Atlanta music scene and slain rapper Bankroll Fresh

OG Hustle (Photo Credit: Munson Steed/Steed Media Group)
OG Hustle (Photo Credit: Munson Steed/Steed Media Group)

Atlanta artist OG Hustle is coming out with new projects in 2016. The 29-year-old rapper is from the East Lake neighborhood of Atlanta and was part of the rap scene with Montana Mack and Bankroll Fresh’ He spoke with rolling out at our Atlanta studio.

What got you into the rap game? 
I got to be honest. As a little kid with my cousin, Montana Mack.

Describe the Atlanta hip-hop scene today.
Today, I feel like it’s garbage. I feel like these little ’90s baby ,you know, besides the financials I give respect to, are killing it.

Explain what you mean that “it’s garbage.”
I’m talking lyrically. I feel like hip-hop stood for something when it first came. It had a positive message and sometimes a negative message, but it had a message. These days and times, you can go to a studio, hear a good beat, say whatever on it, then put on your sister’s clothes and run outside. I ain’t really with that.

What’s your impression on trap music? Why is it becoming the voice of Atlanta?
I guess for a long time the trap has been a part of Atlanta. T.I., he did it best as far as “trap music.” After all, he dropped an album called Trap Muzik; he did it best around 2001 and 2002.

Do you think it’s a positive message that Atlanta should be proud of?
I couldn’t be the judge of that whether it’s positive or negative. I mean you have people coming from different areas of Atlanta. People who had different upbringings and who had to do, what they had to do, in order to get where they are going. Trying to get somewhere to take care of their family and I don’t think that’s a crime at all.

What spots in Atlanta are known to be part of the rap scene?
Of course, ‘Magic City’. Everybody knows about Atlanta and Magic City and everyone wants to go there. As well as clubs like ‘The Compound’. Neighborhood wise, “The Bluff.”  Ever since the movie “Snow on the Bluff” people know it’s one of the toughest parts of Atlanta. Also my neighborhood, East Lake Meadows, is one of the toughest parts of Atlanta and also Little 5 Points.

How would you describe your musical style?
I’m very versatile.

What three rappers are influential to your style and who you are?
I’m true to the “A,” so OutKast. Andre and Big Boi, I’ve been a fan since I was young. Then Pimp C and a lot of people don’t know TIP a real trap brother from Atlanta.

What were some of your parents’ music that you remember that influenced your musical taste?
My mom and my dad were young when they had me so I will never forget Master P and Mr. Ice Cream Man and UGK Rhyme Dirty. Those were some albums that will always stick to me. Also Uncle Luke and the 69 Boyz, that Miami sound was what I also like and is a part of me.

What are you doing in the studio now?
I got three mixtape albums completed and a new single. The single is called “Streets Back” but I’m still working on a few other ideas. I’m in the studio every night and I’m getting better and better.

What are your views on the business side of the rap game?
I’m not a stranger to the game. I came up with my cousin Montana Mack and Bankroll Fresh, God bless the dead. We came in together and had a rap group back in 2001. I watched them both get a deal and saw how the business worked. The ins and outs and how people get tricked out of their money. I’m careful. I’ve witnessed people signed to a person who’s signed to a person and so on. That’s how you get tricked and I’m ready for that. I understand rap and how it’s going to pay me.

What artists living or past would you want to perform with?
I have to go with Jimi Hendrix and TI. Hendrix because the energy was just incredible. He was a genius. I find that he and I are similar in that a lot of people who are geniuses have a lot of personal problems they deal with.You knew that no matter what you were going to get a show from Jimi Hendrix because of the energy that he had.

Do you have a daily affirmation?
Yes. Make sure my kids are ok. I’ve got four children, two sons and two daughters. Everyday I wake up my main goal is to make sure I make a couple of dollars to make it home to my kids and make sure they are taken care of.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I see myself stable with peace of mind. Wake up with a positive attitude everyday.

How important is music in school today?
When I was in school music was important. I can play piano, drums and saxophone. These days and time they don’t make you take a music course. Music has always played a part in our culture.

What is coming up next for you?
Look out for “OG Hustle” and “Street’s Back” Wyld Life in Peace We Come Entertainment.

What final message do you have to our readers?
To all young people in general, stop the violence. Do something that is going to take you further rather than having an issue with your brother. Life is too short to go running around with an attitude or with violence.

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