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Eva Marcille dishes on love, motherhood and career

Photo credit: BET Networks

Photo credit: BET Networks

Actress, model and entrepreneur Eva Marcille has definitely taken the entertainment industry by storm. Since winning cycle three of “America’s Next Top Model,” Marcille’s starred in numerous movies and TV shows; including BET’s new docuseries “About the Business.” The new show features Marcille and some of her closest friends as they follow their dreams and explore great business opportunities. Marcille was just featured on “The Real,” giving great advice to one of her co-stars about motherhood. Marcille recently sat down with rolling out to dish on working with her friends on a reality show. Check it out:

How are you able to juggle motherhood, your career and having a social life?

You know, I have a great mother myself and if it wasn’t for my mom and my support system — my friends that helped me out — I don’t know what I would do, honestly. It’s a balancing act and you know they say “it takes a village to raise a child,” I have definitely cultivated my village to raise my child.

How hard was it to do a reality show with your close friends?

It was difficult, I can say. It was a labor of love and I don’t regret any of it, but it wasn’t the easiest job to do, because it wasn’t just a job. You have real people that you have relationships with and mixing business and friendships you have to proceed with caution. It wasn’t perfect, it definitely tried our friendships, but at the end of it we’re all still intact. In the show you see how business can go wrong and how each person deals with each situation. I usually like to do the fun stuff and just have fun with my friends.

Is everyone’s personality identical to their reality on the show?

Yes and no, just like every person, you’re like an onion. There [are]many layers to a person. On a TV show, you don’t get a chance to see everything about a person. Of course, what you see is really us. The show is not scripted, however it’s the issue of the circumstance. A lot of times [there’s] an issue with the circumstances that you’re dealing with and sometimes there can be magnifiers. But, it’s based off our personalities. The girl you see named Eva Marcille on the TV screen is the same person you’re talking to now.

What’s new with the luxury home container business?

So, I have this company with my mom and a few friends of mine. We created a company named Mameth, where we are the go to for all things container: retail, luxury homes. But, the coolest thing about this project is if we are not only looking to make beautiful homes and make homes new and green. But, my mom’s passion was to give back and in that we have created a nonprofit called ‘DTLA1 [Downtown Los Angeles One].We’re in the process of our first sample build now and working with the city and the midnight mission; to create dwelling for the homeless. There [are] a significant amount of homeless people in downtown Los Angeles [who are] just there and have nowhere to go. So the idea is to help them and create multiple unit dwellings for them.

What advice would you give young people who are striving for success?

I would tell our youth to do what your heart tells you to do. A lot of times we’re in such a viral world, where a lot of our influences come from social media, Instagram and whoever else. … Just have your own goal and passion beyond what’s cool and what’s trending. That’s what is really going to change the world! So follow your passion and your dreams. There’s no substitute for hard work.

Politically, do you think America is ready to see a female president?

Yes! Even though the nation is in an uproar, but a woman is a woman. A woman is a super-human if you asked me. I didn’t realize how much so until I became a mother and was able to juggle all of the things that I have. I think it’s definitely time for our nation to allow a woman to lead!

How is your love life going?

My love life is looking good! I must say I’m a happy girl. And, I’m happy to have him in my life and I’m a lucky girl.

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