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How Birdman’s demand for ‘Respeck’ became social media’s biggest joke

On the morning of April 22, Birdman blasted “The Breakfast Club” for apparently mentioning his name in previous interviews. The threat was highlighted by Birdman saying, “When y’all say my name, put some respeck on it.” It didn’t take long before the video clip went viral and inspired dozens of memes and spoofs.

Comedian Michael Blackson appeared to be the first major comic to spoof the incident by creating a video shortly after “The Breakfast Club” released the initial footage. In Blackson’s video, he entered a radio station and demanded respect, a la Birdman. When Blackson was asked why he didn’t “pull up” on comedians Kevin Hart, Katt Williams and Mike Epps, Blackson responded by hilariously admitting that he only fights battles that he knows he can win.

Blackson’s video was soon followed by a slew of memes that poked fun at Birdman and “The Breakfast Club.” A few of the most shared included Birman’s face being replaced by the now infamous Michael Jordan crying face; a break down of the difference between the questions, “Are y’all finished, or are y’all done?”; and seasoning that was called “Respeck.”

There were also several remixes using Birdman’s voice. One of the most shared was a video posted by @Mrs_Roblane where Birdman’s voice was looped over a trap beat as his head is superimposed on dancing bodies.

But the most original take on Birdman’s ultimatum to “The Breakfast Club” came via The Hamiltones. Anthony Hamilton’s backup singers have recreated songs by Drake and 2 Chainz and made them as soulful as gospel hymns. The trio struck again with their soulful rendition of Birdman’s rant. The a cappella song features the singers snapping their fingers while harmonizing, “Put some Respeck on it.” The song is addictive and perfect for the moment.

According to DJ Envy, Birdman eventually apologized for the rant and said that he would be interested in coming back for a more proper interview. However, Charlamagne said that he would reject such an offer and didn’t need to speak with Birdman again in life. Regardless of whether another interview occurs, the video will always be remembered as one of the most interesting moments of 2016.