Here’s how ‘The Hustler’s 10 Commandments’ will change your life

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Photo courtesy of Hotep

Ten years ago, a book was released that laid a solid foundation for many aspiring entrepreneurs. The Hustler’s 10 Commandments served as not only a manual on how to jump-start a career as your own boss and stay on the grind, but also shared self-help tips on maintaining the mind-set of a go-getter. The book of vital business rules has helped shape the successful careers of so many readers that on May 19, it’s being honored with a well-deserved celebration and the release of a new-and-improved edition.

Hotep, author of both the “old and new testaments” of the groundbreaking publication and founder of business program Hustle University, will hold the anniversary party at Kat’s Cafe in Atlanta from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event, sponsored by rolling out, will feature the Hustle U team and many of the individuals who helped make The Hustler’s 10 Commandments one of the top go-to resources for business-minded people.

While the celebration itself is guaranteed to be a worthwhile experience, the most anticipated aspect of the night will definitely be the the unveiling of the new testament. After all, it’s updated with knowledge acquired by Hotep, who has personally experienced the challenges of transitioning from an employee to a major mogul with a company that generates over six figures.

“A lot has transpired since I wrote the first edition in 2006,” the Hustle U head told rolling out. “I was an entrepreneur, but I also had a day job. Since then, I’ve retired from my day job and built my company up. I got an MBA degree and a lot of life experience in business. The No. 1 Hustler’s Commandment is that your network is your net worth, and my network has extended way beyond what it was in 2006.”

Photo credit: Hotep
Photo courtesy of Hotep

With the new testament, Hotep takes all that he’s learned throughout the ups and downs of his business ownership history and turns his knowledge into a tough love approach, as opposed to the inspirational method he used in the old testament.

“Hustle University has become a lot more hard core. We say we provide ‘higher learning for today’s hard-core entrepreneur.’ That’s what the tone of the new version of the book reflects. So no more sob stories, pity parties and lazy entrepreneurs. We’re letting people know that entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. You can’t be in the stage where you want the inspiration — you’ve got to be about getting the information and starting to implement what you know,” he said.

While the book is an amazing tool in itself, it is a small extension of a larger team of business mentors and eager students. Hotep’s Hustle U has grown into the ultimate boot camp for those serious about becoming self-made. With the program declaring 2016 as the “Year of the Hustler,” it is expanding to new heights. Since that growth will include becoming more accessible to the Spanish-speaking community, a Spanish version of The 10 Hustler’s Commandments will also be released at the upcoming party.

Anyone ready to celebrate 10 years of excellence in entrepreneurship is welcome to attend the celebration, but Hotep also extends a special invitation to those who are ready to go hard core for career independence.

“If you are a leader ready to implement that which you know, then welcome to Hustle University. It’s not knowledge that’s power, it’s how we apply that knowledge that makes us powerful.”

Visit to RSVP for The 10 Hustler’s Commandments celebration.

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