Toddler finds gun in backseat and shoots mom

Patrice Price and children (Photo Credit: Facebook/Patrice Price)
Patrice Price and children (Photo credit: Facebook/Patrice Price)

When a toddler gets a hold of a loaded weapon, it often results in tragedy. Unfortunately, this is what happened again in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Police are reporting that Patrice Price, 26, a mother of three was driving in her boyfriend’s car with her two-year-old son. The toddler discovered a loaded handgun in the backseat of the car and discharged the weapon, striking his mother in the back. She immediately lost control of her vehicle and crashed, causing a traffic snarl on southbound lanes of I-41/State Hwy. 175. When police responded to the accident, they pronounced the mother dead at the scene; her son was unharmed.

Investigators have now stated that the gun belonged to her boyfriend, who works as a security guard. Price’s father, Andre Price, was visibly distraught when interviewed by local media. He stated, “Now I don’t have her no more. My chest has been hurting. I have a knot in my chest. They won’t even let me see my daughter. I wanted to hold my daughter for one last time.”

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, “Initial witness accounts indicate that a child in the back seat of the vehicle got a hold of a gun and discharged the firearm, sending a single bullet into the driver’s back. The MCSO investigation into the death is on-going.”

There has been no information released concerning possible charges in the tragic accident. This is the second time a child accidentally shooting his mother has been in the news recently. Jamie Gilt, 31, of Jacksonville, Florida was an avid gun advocate who bragged about letting her 4-year-old shoot guns at target practice. Last month, the child found a loaded .45 caliber gun in the backseat of her car and fired the weapon, striking his mom in the back. Gilt survived her wounds and stated she still has not changed her pro-gun stance.

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician. He has been writing for Rolling Out since 2014. Whether it means walking through a bloody police shooting to help a family find justice or showing the multifaceted talent of the Black Diaspora I write the news.

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