Has a feud over Prince’s money begun?

Photo Credit: Prince's Instagram (@prince)
Photo credit: Prince’s Instagram (@prince)

When Prince died last week, fans feared that, like many other stars, his family might end up feuding over his riches, especially since the iconic singer reportedly didn’t have a will in place to distribute his wealth. Well, according to reports, a war may be brewing between Prince’s family over who should receive his money.

As previously reported, Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator at his Paisley Park studio in Minnesota last week. Although the exact cause of death hasn’t been determined yet, reports claim that Prince suffered a drug overdose just days before his death and it has been alleged that the singer had a Percocet addiction.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Prince had no will prepared and that his sister, Tyka Nelson, 55, who is the only other sibling from his parents’ union, filed a petition in probate court for Carver County, Minnesota, to claim Prince’s money and named his five living half siblings, Norrine, Sharon, John, Alfred and Omarr, as “interested parties” in the petition.

Tyka Nelson/Facebook
Photo credit: Tyka Nelson’s Facebook (facebook.com/tyka/nelson)

However, according to media reports, Nelson and her half-siblings, Alfred and Omarr, sat down for their first meeting in Minnesota yesterday and things did not go well.

Sources say that the meeting lasted for two hours and that it was very tense as Alfred complained that he’s the only sibling of Prince’s that was excluded from his memorial service, which was planned by Nelson. Nelson and Alfred ended up getting into a heated argument and Nelson ended up walking out of the meeting.

Sources say that Alfred and Omarr feel that Tyka believes she’s entitled to a majority portion of Prince’s fortune because she’s his full sister. However, Minnesota law states that when a person with no children dies without a will, all siblings, whether half or full, are entitled to an equal share of the remaining fortune.

Sources also claim that after the meeting ended, a representative from the bank that was appointed as the administrator gave Alfred the chance to “properly grieve” his brother’s death by taking him on a tour of Prince’s home and the area where he died in the Paisley Park complex.

Well, this could turn into a nasty court battle between the siblings, but we hope they settle their issues quickly and focus on grieving the loss of their beloved brother.

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