Leolah Brown makes surprising allegations about Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston

bobbi kristina
Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Instagram (@realbkristinahg)

Leolah Brown has never been one to hold her tongue when it comes to discussing her late sister-in-law and niece, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina, and in a new interview she lets loose some shocking new allegations.

According to media reports, Brown opened up in a new interview about unconfirmed rumors that Houston had a child at the age of 16 and then gave the child up for adoption. Brown said that a woman recently claimed that she’s the child in question and Brown explained how she wants to help the woman.

Photo Credit: Whitney Houston's Facebook (facebook.com/whitneyhouston)
Photo Credit: Whitney Houston’s Facebook (facebook.com/whitneyhouston)

“Yes, there is a woman out there who claims she is Whitney Houston’s daughter. I am going to try and help her as much as I can because if this is true, I want to help her,” Brown said.

Brown also discussed the death of Houston’s daughter, Bobbi, which has become a hot topic again thanks to a new two-part interview with Bobbi’s former boyfriend, Nick Gordon, who has been accused of killing Bobbi and is being sued by the Brown estate for millions over her death.

As previously reported, an autopsy revealed that Bobbi died from a multitude of causes, including lobar pneumonia due to “Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, delayed effects” and “Immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication.”

However, Brown claims that Bobbi died from forced starvation.

“Somebody wanted her dead. I want the world to know that Bobbi Kristina did not die from the bathtub incident. That’s not what killed Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi Kristina was starved to death,” Brown said.

Brown then took aim at Gordon and referenced the autopsy report which claims that Brown was missing two teeth at the time of her death and was only 93 lbs.

“Nick dragged her up the stairs beating her, okay? This is a young man who swears to God that he loves my niece. But yet you drag her up the stairs by her hair and punched her in the face and you knock two of her teeth out of her mouth?” Brown said.

“Nick Gordon is a monster. He is a monster. If he can do that to Krissy, somebody that did nothing but love him, he is evil,” Brown added.

Well, we’re not surprised at Brown’s accusations against Gordon, but we’re shocked and interested to see what happens with the claims about Houston’s secret daughter.

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