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Sibling war turns dirty for Prince’s half-brother

Photo Credit: Prince's Instagram (@prince)

Photo Credit: Prince’s Instagram (@prince)

Things between Prince’s surviving siblings have gotten wild and crazy over the past week as reports claim that they’re battling each other over how much they each should receive of Prince’s leftover fortune. However, it seems like things have gotten downright dirty for Prince’s half-brother, Alfred Jackson, as reports claim that someone might have tried to sabotage him with a missing persons report.

As previously reported, Prince’s full sister, Tyka Nelson, is going to court with their five surviving half-siblings to sort out who should get what portion of Prince’s reported $150 million fortune. Although Minnesota law claims that the siblings all have an equal share of Prince’s wealth, sources say that Tyka wants a larger share for herself. Making matters worse is the fact that Prince’s assets are frozen until a judge can determine how much the administrator of Prince’s estate should give to the late artist’s family members for living expenses.

There also seems to be bad blood between Nelson and Jackson because previous reports claim that the initial meeting between the two, as well as another half-sibling, Omarr, ended with Nelson walking out after Jackson blasted her for not inviting him to Prince’s memorial service.

Well, new reports have revealed that Jackson may be the target of a plan to sabotage his chances to receive any money from Prince’s estate because someone filed a missing persons report/welfare check on him last week.

Sources say that Jackson is disabled and lives in a Veterans Affairs facility near Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Prince’s compound is. The Sources say that someone filed the missing persons report last Friday, claiming that Jackson walked out of the facility without notice and that no one could find him.

However, Jackson’s whereabouts were already well-known in the news because he’d already begun meeting with Nelson and his other siblings at that point to discuss Prince’s fortune.

Sources say Jackson believes that one of his siblings is responsible for the false report and that his sibling wants him to be declared mentally incompetent so he or she can get power of attorney over him and claim a second vote in this growing war over the shares of Prince’s wealth.

The sources say that Jackson and his attorney, Frank Wheaton, went to the Minneapolis Police Department this weekend to prove that he is mentally competent and that he’s taking his meds, which resulted in law enforcement closing the missing persons case.

Well, for now, there’s no proof that one of Jackson’s siblings filed the report, but when it comes to fights over money, it’s not hard to believe that people will resort to crazy schemes.


  1. guest on May 3, 2016 at 11:20 am

    Why are they fighting over money that they didn’t earn and if Prince had left a will they probably wouldn’t get. They should stop wasting money on lawyers and just be happy with whatever they get. Let the man rest in peace.

  2. britishrose on May 5, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    wow non of them sent him a christmas card yet they want to fight for money they never earned the courts are so responsible . .anytime siblings start mess like this you can threaten to give it all to charity if they dont come to an agreement together right now they got lawyers fighting to death for money .prince should have rewarded the money to tika or whom ever why didnt he is the mystery? did he want them to fight? or was he so drugged out he forgot? or was he just thinking he would live forever ..drug users have not learned nothng from micheal jackson …anna nicole , curt kobain .amy whinehouse and others who subcumb to drug using . its deadly eventuall you die dnt matter how much money you got staked and that money can not save you nor prevent you from your own tragical end . its sad prince had to know he was gonna die . . . it may have been suicide maybe he was like robin william ? you can only be shut off in your own prison for so long before you snapp and maybe he meant to die like this sorry to say it but robin williams did it so can others .. rip love prince always