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Publisher's Blog » Jesse Jackson fights to end discrimination against Blacks in Silicon Valley

Jesse Jackson fights to end discrimination against Blacks in Silicon Valley

jesse jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson and Munson Steed (Photo credit: Steed Media Service)

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights icon and champion of human rights for all, has remained committed in his fight to end discrimination against Black people in the affluent tech stronghold known as Silicon Valley. Recently, the Silicon Valley tech summit stretched from the Hewlett-Packard headquarters in Palo Alto to downtown San Francisco at the Yelp headquarters. Jackson took part, leading his PUSH organization in a fight for more equity and access for African Americans in the financially rich and stable industry.

At a special session, Jackson led participants in prayer, recognizing that there had been a major loss to the community by way of this disparity in the community.

Jackson welcomed power brokers and executives from Apple to the session. They were there to commit $40 million to the Thurgood Marshall College  Fund foundation. The funds, presented to the foundation’s president, Johnny Taylor, are to be used to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The president of Intel, who was also at the session, spoke of his team’s commitment to changing the diversity issue at Intel. He said it is the right thing to do.

Jackson is a national treasure and must be recognized for being just that. While many are aware of his shortcomings in politics and his personal life, we also recognize his position and commitment as an advocate for change. Indeed, his life’s work is focused on fighting for the rights of marginalized people, particularly African Americans and Latinos. His work in politics, his leadership in noted runs for president, created the pathway for President Barack Obama to lead the nation.

Over the couse of four decades, Jackson has continued to push forward in his mission. And his latest mission, working to end the discrimination that is rampant throughout financial pipelines from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, is most necessary and in need of support.

Simply put, as Jackson and others purport, the lack in advancement of people of color in these institutions is disrespectful and embarrassing, especially given the level at which African Americans participate and buy into said institutions by using products like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Still, these firms often employ African Americans at less that 5 percent and 1 percent in some cases.

Jackson recognizes that both positioning African Americans at these companies, and even seeking backers for minority-led entrepreneurial ventures are key factors that will ensure financial prosperity within the Black community in the future. It is time for all of us to support his efforts and move forward with his plans for leveling the financial playing field for all. Peace.


  1. FuZ on May 5, 2016 at 9:06 am

    Go where the money is at. No cash in Chicago the daily massacre.

  2. [email protected] on May 6, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    if the funds are really used properly, Mr Jackson will have created a valuable legacy for many.

  3. sugarntasty on July 12, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    Jesse are you Democrat? Eluding to preference of certain few,I know immediate gains of social responsibility “Rainbow Push” governmental. Funds example poverty,apathy and lack educational
    progress did I say race? Jesse decrying racism from dept of Labor…going against chosen Obama,
    whom you oppose presidency! Don’t go there with Techie okay I’m Nordic and LGBTQ you gotten
    estimated $350 million ransom form global cartels. Your saying generalization going get whom hired?Besides it’s charade well paid Trump Inc.dismantle the malice how biggest enemy H1-B plea retain,
    status of shareholders. Doesn’t matter the color Jesse are sure going alter business minds of Tech?
    HBCU failed gather attention STEM” promote campuses oppose,Indian lobbying fight “Americans” first not racial nonsense. Why did Jesse Jr. steal campaign funds…can’t answer that Mr.Advocate!