Zendaya gives take on Jay Z’s reaction to ‘Lemonade’

Photo Credit: Zendaya's Instagram (@zendaya)
Photo credit: Instagram – @zendaya

Ever since Beyoncé dropped her latest album, Lemonade, late last month, fans have been talking nonstop about Bey’s claims on the record that Jay Z almost destroyed their marriage when he cheated on her with another woman. Although many fans readily believed Bey’s revelations about her once-troubled marriage, many others were skeptical about the idea of Jay cheating on Bey and believed that Bey and Jay just fabricated an album theme to help Bey sell records. But while fans are busy speculating, rising young star Zendaya, who co-starred in the “Lemonade” short film about the album, spoke about her time on set with Bey and Jay and shared Jay’z reaction to seeing his so-called marriage problems play out on camera.

According to media reports, Zendaya spoke to the paparazzi about her time on set filming scenes for “Lemonade” and he spoke about how Jay Z visited the set and seemed completely fine with Bey supposedly pulling skeletons out of their closet, including accusations that he cheated with a woman Bey refers to as “Becky with the good hair.”

“I was only there for one day,” Zendaya said, before explaining that Jay was nothing but supportive of Bey. “Absolutely. They’re beautiful together.” 

Zendaya - Lemonade Insta Shot
Photo credit: Instagram – @zendaya

When the paparazzi continued to pressure her for any possible dirt about Jay being mad at Bey, Zendaya maintained that she didn’t spend that much time with the couple and she assured that Jay seemed happy on set.

“I wasn’t there for that day. I wish I could tell you,” Zendaya said about not filming on the days for the scenes about Jay’s cheating.

“He visited the day that I was on [set]. I’m sure he came to visit his wife,” Zendaya said. “Everything seemed cool.”

When asked if she thought the album and video were just one big publicity stunt, Zendaya replied, “Who knows?”

“Again, I don’t know. I’m a Beyoncé fan like everyone else. I have no idea. I’m just here to support her,” Zendaya explained.

Well, whether the accusations are true are not, people are clearly interested in the album because it’s dominating the charts and has remained a hot topic for the last couple of weeks. 

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