NFL’s Eric Ebron talks his personal style and daily morning pep talk

Eric Ebron was interviewed at Ford Field in Detroit (Photo credit: Treagen Kier for Steed Media Service)

Rolling out recently interviewed Detroit Lions’ tight end Eric Ebron for his exclusive cover story. We learned some very interesting details about the superstar player, including how he feels about winning and what he tells himself every morning when he wakes up. Check out the interview below and see if you’re feeling his style.

How best would you describe your style? Are you more jeans, gym shoes and T-shirts, or are you more button-downs, blazers and slacks?

It just depends. You have your typical football style. Sometimes I might dress up when I’m going in to work, but at the same time when you think about it, it’s work. So, if you feel good when you’re going in to work, you’re likely to have a good day. Or, if I’m relaxing, it’s usually some joggers and a T-shirt. Like right now, I’m relaxing. But I had to dress up to present a military family with gifts and donations, they got a remodeled kitchen, and a year’s supply of free groceries. I dressed up for that. And I looked good, got a few compliments. So, you know, I’m a man of many different styles.

We have this game we like to play at rolling out called finish the sentences. I’ll start a sentence off by making a statement, and I want you to finish it. Ready? Here’s the first one, finish the following sentences:

  • A winning attitude  is … contagious.
  • Success for me means … joy.
  • I face challenges by …  attacking them.
  • First thing I tell myself when I wake up is … damn, I look good!
  • The three pieces of technology that I can’t live without are … my PlayStation and probably my laptop. I can live without my cellphone.
  • My three favorite places I would love to travel to out of the country are  … Italy, Paris, and Bora Bora.
  • My three favorite books are Relentless by Tim Grover. It’s a really, really dope book. My yoga instructor actually told me about the book. It’s a read for those who want to be great. If a sport is what you want to do, then you should read that book. Concussion because movies never really tell you the whole story. And when I was in high school, I used to read the book series called the Spiderwick Chronicles, which was non-fiction and was a really interesting read.
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