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Grow up, brothers: Derek Fisher posts Mother’s Day message for Matt Barnes’ ex

Photo Credit: Instagram- Dereklfisher

Photo Credit: Instagram- Dereklfisher

Once again, social media has grown men acting like little boys. The proof is in the petty behavior of Derek Fisher, who posted a photo and seemingly sweet message to his current love Gloria Govan on Instagram in celebration of Mother’s Day. While the action appears quite innocent, Fisher’s action is considered by many to be set to spark a new beef with baller Matt Barnes. Fans will recall that the three, Fisher, Govan and Barnes, have been involved in a scandalous and violent love triangle that once led to Barnes being arrested for assaulting Fisher, his former teammate and Govan’s ex.

The recent boyish beef began with Barnes wishing Govan, his ex-fiancée and the mother of his twin sons Isaiah and Carter, a Happy Mother’s Day on Instagram. Sharing a photo of Govan with the boys, he thanked her for “raising two beautiful happy intelligent little boys.”

Things got interesting hours later when Fisher decided he too needed to celebrate Govan’s mothering skills. After taking Govan and Barnes’ sons to see the new Angry Birds movie, Fisher also shared a photo of Govan and the twins with the caption, “Hope you enjoyed a nice relaxing day today! You deserve it! Happy Mother’s Day @glogovan.” Fans declared the action “shots fired” at Barnes, speculating that Fisher meant to ruffle Barnes’ feathers a bit, as Fisher actually spent the day with Barnes’ family.

Barnes addressed the love triangle in a 2016 New Year’s Instagram post where he wrote, “Funny thing about texts & pics is they DONT LIE! ‘I Guess’ ‘They call that getting played’ *Last BUT NOT LEAST… Being stuck in the ‘triangle offense’ w my ex & snitch, I mean former teammate & friend.. Who went behind my back, messed w my ex, got caught, got dealt w for being a snake, then ran & told the Police & NBA.. Instead of taken that ass whoopin like a man & kept it moving….! WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? Guess cause I didn’t SNITCH, I get a 2 game suspension by the league ‘They call that LIFE.’”

All of this social media drama has me wondering how these two brothers came to communicate in this way. It may be 2016, but how do two successful, smart and educated Black men see it as acceptable to air their dirty laundry all over social media? Barnes asks, “Where they do that at?” I’m looking at him and wondering the same thing. Keep your business at home and out of these streets, because we all know the streets “are watching,” but they’re heartless in the end.

Brothers: call Farrakhan, sit down, and work it out.


  1. lucky one on May 10, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    whoever wrote this is an imbecile. Fisher has two kids of his own. where are there photos? Barnes handled it and that was it. Fisher needs to grow up

    • guest on May 11, 2016 at 8:43 am

      I was wondering the same thing. Did he bother wishing the mother of his own children a Happy Mother’s Day? I think this was just done to get under Matt’s skin.