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Black, millennial, live in the South? HIV risk your new reality

HIV lifetime infection risk (Photo Credit: CDC)

The recent announcement that HIV rates in Atlanta are similar to those in some African nations caused concern for many. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released data that shows the lifetime risk of HIV diagnoses by state and unfortunately the Deep South and D.C. lead the way. The experts have stated that HIV infection is at an epidemic level in the Black community. If you’re poor, Black, sexually active and young, the chance of infection in the cities of the South are serious. Especially when it comes to drug use and unprotected sex among young millennials and older closeted gay and bi-sexual Black men.

It’s a strange transitional period where Black conservative sexual values morph into a millennial rejection of the past and embracing of their sexuality. The new agenda is to upset the social value apple cart. The fact of the matter is that American sexual culture has changed and with it also the sexually active Black community. Looking at the past, the Women’s Rights movement in the ’60s found privileged white women breaking from the ’50s housewife image and demanding an egalitarian relationship. This was in direct opposition to our Black culture at the time and we adapted in our own way. So, too, it will be with this new generation. The problem is when you see only the unlimited future and fail to observe what has happened in the past, there are consequences.

We cannot be distracted. The reality that if you live in Washington, D.C. the CDC says you have a 1 in 13 chance of a HIV diagnoses in your lifetime is quite harsh. What does this mean for the Black community, as a whole? The sexually liberated Black millennial must remain aware that unprotected sex combined with a lack of the knowledge of their history is deadly.

The CDC lists these 10 states as locations where residents have the highest chance of an HIV diagnosis in their lifetime:

  1. Washington, DC – 1 in 13
  2. Maryland – 1 in 49
  3. Georgia- 1 in 51
  4. Florida- 1 in 54
  5. Louisiana- 1 in 56
  6. New York- 1 in 79
  7. Texas -1 in 81
  8. New Jersey -1 in 84
  9. Mississippi -1 in 85


  1. Sol Rothstein on May 14, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Based on the GAY and Lesbians I see on television and in the streets. I believe this to be TRUE. Black folks are too busy, trying to be on every COOL SUBJECT possible. Yet we will not talk about HIV/AIDS…to save lives.

    When are BLACK FOLKS going to start acting responsible.

  2. nosey rosy on December 20, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    anybody notce shows like RHOA stop show casing gay men on their show as entertaining realizing christians and liberals and men would not watch ? well the damage was done already cause everybody already knew atlanta is gayville america . u cant move there if u hate gays are feel uncomfortable cause in every buisiness there they are there and LEE DANIELS who created EMPIRE SHOW also chilled on gay love scenes cause he took a rating hit MEN WILL NOT WATCH EMPIRE with men kissing if they are really straight.. .. CAUSE STRAIGHT BLACK MALES ARE REAL PHOBIC AND DISPISE GAY MEN and the closet gays detest EMPIRE AS revealing truth. … gay and hiv goes hand in hand gay men are the reason its spreading at some point downlow men are let outa prison with hiv and migrating back into population .desperate lonely black females will not wear a condom seeking check sfor child support are a marriage!!! not realizing that dude is infected are fixin to be . its the black male carrying it reason there is a decline in white females getting hooked up WEAR CONDOM DONT EAT!!! CAUSE herpes is live and well too .. downlow females also a issue if a man want hand u his clean papers runnnnnnnnnn