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Intelligentsia at Venice Beach ranks best coffee bar experience in Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Steed Media Service

Photo Credit: Steed Media Service

In the mood for perfect coffee drink? Intelligentsia has to be one of the best places in Venice, California to retreat. The industrial-chic setting and location allows one to experience the Los Angeles vibe in a coffeebar.

At Intelligentsia, the mocha drinks are great. The espressos, including the Gibraltar, are perfect. A couple of ideal fair trade coffees can be found there.

Their pourover coffee method involves a steel filter which adds a new dimension to the complexity of the wonderful Intelligentsia Coffee for Andrew.

The savory treats in the baked goods station illuminate from inside the case. Here, you will enjoy a nice ham and cheese croissant with a miniature pickle and a delectable Hawaiian-influenced Los Angeles-style spam and croissant as well.

Also, the options are there for those who like morsels that are vegan. They offer a tasty lemonade treat. Savor the moment of tranquility and serenity at this coffee establishment in Los Angeles. It’s in close proximity, actually within walking distance to the beach – just take a stroll through Abbot Kinney. Drink, eat and indulge in the ambience of Los Angeles. Rain, sleet or snow, Intelligentsia Coffee Venice Coffeebar has a treat just for you.


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  1. Milk_Steaming on June 19, 2017 at 6:46 am

    I visited here in summer 2016! Coffee was awesome, filter was the best!