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New Jersey pre-schooler mauled by family’s pit bull; tore her scalp

Janaya Everett

Janaya Everett was attacked by a mixed reed of Pit Bulls at her grandmother’s home in West Orange, New Jersey, on Saturday, May 14. “The baby was lying on the floor bloody with her scalp all messed up, and just a mess… horrible, horrible thing,” Dwyane Harper tells media. Harper, the boyfriend of Janaya’s grandmother, was outside working on a car when he heard the toddler’s gut wrenching wails.

The family says the dogs normally reside in the basement and apparently snuck upstairs into the grandmother’s bedroom.

She was motionless when a witness tried to help. When EMT arrived, they did not wait for a stretcher. They carried Everett out of their house in their arms. They transported her to University Hospital in Newark where they performed emergency surgery.

Both dogs were removed from the home, and Harper says they will most likely be euthanized.

According to, in the 11-year period of 2005 through 2015, canines killed 360 Americans. Pit Bulls contributed to 64 percent (232) of these deaths. Combined, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers contributed to 76 percent of the total recorded deaths.

Together, Pit Bulls (28) and Rottweilers (3), the second most lethal dog breed, accounted for 91 percent of the total recorded deaths in 2015.

In the year of 2015, the combination of Pit Bulls (28), their close cousins, American bulldogs (2), and Rottweilers (3) contributed to 97 percent (33) of all dog bite-related fatalities.

In 2015, nearly one third, 32 percent (11), of all dog bite fatality victims were either visiting or living temporarily with the dog’s owner when the fatal attack occurred. Children ages nine years and younger accounted for 82 percent (9) of these deaths.

Fifty percent (17) of all fatalities in 2015 involved more than one dog; 15% (5) involved a pack attack of four or more dogs; 21% (7) involved breeding on the dog owner’s property either actively or in the recent past and 6% (2) involved tethered dogs.

Everett is expected to make a full recovery.


  1. Gabriel Barros on May 15, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    Pit bulls kills more than all other breeds COMBINED. There is no more murderous dog than the pit bull fighting dog.

    These people can no longer voice their opinion on the pit bull problem.

    December 2014
    Portage, IN Edward L. Cahill, 40, Fatal pit bull attack (Christmas Day)
    Corpus Christi, TX Rita Woodard, 64 Fatal pit bull attack

    November 2014
    Robeson County, NC Alemeaner Dial, 83 Fatal pit bull attack

    October 2014
    Stanislaus County, CA Juan Fernandez, 54 Fatal pit bull attack

    September 2014
    Sharp County, AR Alice Payne, 75 Fatal pit bull attack
    Benton County, MS David Glass Sr., 51 Fatal pit bull attack

    August 2014
    Miami-Dade County, FL Javon Dade Jr., 4 Fatal pit bull attack
    St. Charles County, MO Deriah Solem, < 2 Fatal pit bull attack
    Levy County, FL Joel Chirieleison, 6 Fatal pit bull attack
    Butler County, OH Cindy Whisman, 59 Fatal pit bull attack

    July 2014
    Montgomery County, OH Johnathan Quarles, Jr., < 1 Fatal pit bull attack
    Hillsborough County, FL Logan Sheppard, 4 Fatal pit bull attack

    May 2014
    New Haven County, CT Rita Pepe, 93 Fatal pit bull attack
    Kent County, DE Kasii Haith, 4 Fatal pit bull attack
    Lee County, AL Katie Morrison, 20 Fatal pit bull attack

    April 2014
    Highlands County, FL Jessica Norman, 33 Fatal pit bull attack
    Bexar County, TX Petra Aguirre, 83 Fatal pit bull attack
    St. Clair County, AL John Harvard, 5 Fatal pit bull attack

    March 2014
    Kaufman County, TX Dorothy Hamilton, 85 Fatal pit bull attack
    Holmes County, MS Christopher Malone, 3 Fatal pit bull attack
    Terrebonne Parish, LA Mia DeRouen, 4 Fatal pit bull attack
    Maricopa County, AZ Nancy Newberry, 77 Fatal pit bull attack

    February 2014
    Guilford County, NC Braelynn Coulter, 3 Fatal pit bull attack
    Bell County, TX Je'vaeh Mayes, 2 Fatal pit bull attack

    January 2014
    McLean County, IL Kara Hartrich, 4 Fatal pit bull attack
    Comal County, TX Betty Clark, 75 Fatal pit bull attack
    Harris County, TX Christina Bell, 43 Fatal pit bull attack

  2. Brianna on May 15, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    I had a friend who got a pit bull. He is no longer a friend.

  3. HarveMorgan on May 15, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    Full recovery? Doubtful in the fullest sense of the word. She will have scars, physically and mentally. How many more children will be sacrificed at the altar of the Pit Bull?

    • Jannette Singletary-Adams on May 17, 2016 at 3:44 pm

      Thank you for that. Physical injuries may heal but the emotional scars will be with her for a lifetime. Our children are not food or play toys, I will not go near them. I have relatives who let their children and grands play near these dogs and I cringe every time they share these pictures wondering if it will always be okay. Shaking my head, praying for this child who will never be the same. Why was the boyfriend out working on the car and the child was left in the house. That’s even more scary.

  4. BK37 on May 16, 2016 at 8:50 am

    Sit back and get ready for the onslaught of people who will try to convince us that pit bulls were the original nanny dogs and how they are some of the sweetest dogs and how the problem is with the owner and not the dog, blah blah blah. To hell with all of that. I will never take a chance with one of these dogs around my kids.

    • guest on May 16, 2016 at 3:40 pm

      Yeah why take the chance, there are hundreds of less aggressive dog breeds. I find that the average Pit Bull owner is usually some want to be tough guy, similar to people that have a house full of guns.

  5. guest on May 16, 2016 at 11:57 am

    I have a 3 year old and wouldn’t leave him unattended for 3 seconds, much less with an animal in the room. Children can get into a hundred things in a short amount of time.

    • momofthree on May 17, 2016 at 7:14 am

      No one should have a dog like the one that mauled this poor child in their home or near their children. Unfortunately, we all have to worry about some neighbor pit bull, Am. Staff, American Bulldog, etc., escaping and coming into our own yards and attacking our own children now as well. There are also a ton of cases where parents were right there and the bull dog attacked and killed anyway.

      • Keeping Dogs Safe on June 12, 2016 at 2:05 pm

        Get a battery powered chainsaw and keep it charged and handy. It’ll help protect you and yours.

        It’s kinder to quickly kill attacking bully dogs than to have them wait months in a cold cell or be “rehomed” to a dog fighter.

  6. Dennis Baker on May 16, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    2015 Dog Bite Related Fatalities in the U.S.
    Updated after each fatality following fact finding research

    36 Dog Bite Related Fatality
    by Breed.
    28 by Pit Bull/Pit Bull Mix
    2 by Rottweiler
    1 by Golden/mixed breed
    1 by American bulldog, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Labrador mix
    4 Unknown/Pending

    By Age :
    14 Children
    22 Adult

    By State :

    NM – 1 death
    MD – 1 death
    FL – 3 death
    IA – 1 death
    AR – 1 death
    PA – 1 death
    W. VA – 2 death
    TX – 5 death
    SD – 1 death
    AR – 1 death
    GA – 1 death
    NV – 1 death
    IL – 1 death
    OK – 3 death
    NC – 2 death
    OH – 1 death
    SC – 1 death
    AL – 1 death
    CA – 3 death
    NY – 2 death
    TN – 1 death
    MI – 2 death

    Names and ages of the deceased:

    Unidentified Native American – about 40 y,o. – Gallup, NM – Pack of Feral Dogs [1.2.15]

    Eugene W. Smith – 87- Frederick, MD – 1 Pit Bull [1.7.15]

    Declin Moss – 18 months – Brooksville, FL – 2 Pit Bulls [1.19.15]

    Malaki Mildward – 7yrs old – College Springs, IA – 2 Pit Bull/Bull Dog Mix [1.22.15]

    Fredrick Crutchfield – 63 yrs old – Johnson county, AR – Pit Bull [ 2.4.15]

    TayLynn DeVaughn – 2 yrs old – Pittsburgh, PA – Pit Bull [2.22.15]

    Roy Higgenbotham – 62 yrs old – WHEELING, W.Va. – Pit Bull [3.8.15]

    Betty Wood – 78 yrs old – SULPHUR SPRINGS, TX – Rottweiler [3.12.15]

    Julia Charging Whirlwind – 49 yrs old – WHITE RIVER, SD – Pending [3.14.15]

    Detrick Johnson – 36 yrs old – JEFFERSON COUNTY, AR – 7 Pit Bulls [3.21.15]

    Neta Lee Adams – 81 yrs old – WASHINGTON, GA – Pending [3.31.15]

    Kenneth Ford – 79 yrs old – NYE COUNTY, NV – Pit Bulls [4.14.15]

    Brayden Wilson – 2 months old – Dallas, TX – Pit Bull [4.19.15]

    Gaege Anthony Ramirez – 7 yrs old – NEW BRAUNFELS, TX – Pending [5.2.15]

    James W. Nevils III – 5 yrs old – Chicago, IL – Pit Bull – [5.25.15]

    Jordon Tyson Collins – 3 yrs old – Lawton, OK – Pit Bull – [6.28.15]

    Norberto Legarda – 83 yrs old – Pecos, TX – Pit Bulls – [7.2.15]

    Joshua Phillip Strother – 6 yrs old – Hendersonville, NC – Pit Bull – [7.7.15]

    Annie L. Williams – 71 yrs old – Shaker Heights, OH – Pit Bull – [7.12.15]

    Carolyn Lamp – 67 yrs old – COWETA, Ok – 3 Pit Bull/1 Rottweiler – [7.24.15]

    Porsche Nicole Cartee – 25 yrs old – SPARTANBURG, SC – Pit Bull – [8.22.15]

    Cathy Wheatcraft – 48 yrs old – DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. – Pit Bull – [8.24.15]

    Barbara McCormick – 65 yrs old – Autauga County , AL – Golden/Mix – [8.2.15]

    Emilio Rios Sr – 65 yrs old – Riverside County, CA. Pit Bulls – [8.8.15]

    Carmen Reigada – 91 yrs old – Miami, FL. – American bulldog,Rhodesian Ridgeback, Labrador mix – [9.22.15]

    Lamarkus Hakeem Hicks – 2 yrs old – Martinsburg, WV – Pit Bull – [9.28.15]

    Edgar Brown – 60 yrs old – OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. – Pit Bulls – [10.16.15]

    Tanner Smith – 5 yrs old – Vidor, TX – Pit Bulls – [10.18.15]

    Amiyah Dunston – 9 yrs old – Elmont, NY – Pit Bull – [11.8.15]

    Anthony Riggs – 57 yrs old – Madison County ,TN – Rottweiler – [11.12.15]

    Carter Hartle – 11 months old – MARSHALL, NY – Pit Bull – [11.15.15]

    Xavier Strickland – 4 yrs old – Detroit, MI – Pit Bulls – [12.2.15]

    Rebecca Lillian-Kay Hardy – 22 yrs old – Port Huron, MI – Pit Bull, Husky-mix[12.3.15]

    Maria Torres – 57 yrs old – Gridley, CA – Pit Bulls – [12.16.15]

    Joan Ashman – 83 yrs old – CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Pit Bull – [12.18.15]

    Nyjah Espinosa – 2 yrs old – Miami-Dade, Fl – Pit Bull – [12.20.15]

    On average in 2015 someone was killed by a pit bull every 13 days. Some of these pit bull attacks were from the family dog that was well trained and had never shown signs of aggression before. The only common in these severe and often fatal attacks is not abuse or lack of training, it is breed. Choose the breed of dog you trust the lives of your loved ones with wisely.

    • Tammy Horton on May 21, 2016 at 5:46 pm

      We have an American Staffordshire Terrier, which is part of the pit bull family since he was 6 weeks old. Everybody knows that he’s part of our family, but we are very cautious with him. When we have visitors, he’s locked into his kennel, even if he’s not displaying any type of aggression, regardless of who it is. That’s just not a chance that we’re willing to take. He’s very protective of me, so I don’t even take him for walks because I don’t want to place the lives of others in danger. I pray that this child makes a full recovery, mentally and physically.

      • Keeping Dogs Safe on June 12, 2016 at 2:13 pm

        Thank you for trying to keep your dog and others safe.

        Remember that all “good” game insane pit bulls mature to attack unprovoked and prolonged.

        Hopefully, your pit will never become be a “good” pit bull, but since good pits don’t need a reason and don’t give warning, you won’t know until it happens, which might not be for years.

        Normal dogs need to be angry or frightened to attack. Good pits attack with no external reason, on internal mutant man-made instinct.

        Keep a choker chain on him at all times so you can choke him off a victim.