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Dr. Katrina Mallory works to improve the community

Photo Credit: Katrina Mallory

Photo courtesy of Katrina Mallory

Dr. Katrina Mallory believes the art of communication allows us to share emotionally and interact socially with others. She is driven to the “right thing” with dignity and integrity. According to Mallory, when one person succeeds, we all do.

What is your favorite affirmation and how has it been a factor in your life?

We go through our life according to our beliefs and the wonderful thing about affirmations is the more we use them, the more our life starts resembling them.  My favorite affirmation is, “I embrace my BEST self today. I choose to live in a way that will bring peace, joy and happiness to myself and others.”

This affirmation resonates with me the most because it is factored into my life on a daily basis through my thoughts and actions.  It is my choice to make sure my affirmation statement goes beyond the reality of the present, into the future and through the words I use now.

Beyond the scope of your work, what causes do you support or participate in?

I’m truly blessed to be a member of a church that has taken a stand to help end human trafficking in the metro Atlanta area.  The House of Hope Atlanta church has established an organization in our community to help raise awareness and rescue and restore girls and boys who were trapped in trafficking. I believe that we can make an extraordinary difference by donating compassion, awareness, our time and resources to the cause of human trafficking to organizations that are already functioning in our local communities.

How has goal-setting factored into you being able to attain success?

My mother is the epitome of a “phenomenal woman!” Some of the most important lessons she taught me were to keep God first in my life, set goals, ask myself what really matters, and focus on the things that will help me achieve those goals. By focusing on these things and God’s grace, I’ve attained success and I’m walking in my purpose today, one step at a time.

Please describe your professional achievements. 

I am humbled and honored to have been selected as the 2015 Volunteer of the Year at the House of Hope Atlanta, an inductee of the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Distinguished Female Executives & Professionals, a 2013 Elite Women Today Honoree, a 2012 Who’s Who in Black Atlanta honoree, a recipient of the 2009 “Top 25 Most Influential Women in Atlanta” Award, and was featured in rolling out magazine’s Female Success Factor article.

While serving as an elementary principal for seven years, both schools were recognized by the Georgia Department of Education and received Georgia Title I Distinguished School Award and Adequate Yearly Progress School Award from 2000 to 2006, under my leadership.

Describe how your record reflects a sustained level of top performance? How does your work impact the community?

I have more than 24 years of teaching and administrative experience in public and higher education institutions. I have been employed in the state of Georgia since 1992 as a vice president of academic affairs, an academic dean, instructor, elementary principal, assistant principal, educator and educational consultant.

I currently serve as the founder of Vision Architects Executive Consulting Firm and the Stone Preparatory Academy Charter School that is petitioning to open in Decatur, Georgia, in the fall of August 2017. I am fulfilling my passion to help individuals achieve success in life and actively promote innovative teaching and K-12 preparedness for the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) fields.

My mission as an educator and consultant is threefold:

  • To create learning environments characterized by high student achievement;
  • To transform underserved, low-income school communities;
  • And promote educational equality through our schools, our families and our communities to work collaboratively to “Build Better Communities, Through Education.”

By using these principles and sharing my passion for teaching and learning, it has helped cultivate students’ interest in learning so that they are prepared for a lifetime of learning and success beyond academics.

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  1. Herthesia Sinclair on August 25, 2016 at 7:44 am

    I applaud Rollingout for sharing the enlighting story of an immensely talented and positive change agent. I will be sure to share her story of achievement and community service with my children and others in my city of Jacksonville,Fl. A warm salute to Dr.Mallory for her humility, grace, and drive to make this world a better place in which to raise our families. God Bless You!