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Michael Strahan makes surprising marriage confession

Photo Credit: Michael Strahan's Instagram (@michaelstrahan)

Photo credit: @michaelstrahan/Instagram

“Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan talks love, life and his “Live With Kelly and Michael” exit.

It’s no secret that Strahan has had his fair share of ups and downs — from his recent feud with Kelly Ripa to his love life. So, it’s no surprise the former Super Bowl champ would take those valuable lessons and bind them. In case you missed it, last fall Strahan announced his new book, Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming Your Life, including 18 relatable rules on how to lead a successful and joyful life — “Do the work. Be excellent” and “Navigate your life as if it were a Ferrari,” among others.

One of those lessons includes accepting defeat. “It’s hard to talk about your failures, but we all have them,” Strahan, who is twice divorced told Dujour. “I think the only way to write this was to be honest and talk about failed relationships and marriages and kids and all the things that you’re not good at.”

As you may recall, Strahan was last linked to model Nicole Murphy. The duo dated for five years before calling off their long engagement. “They’ve been having problems for two years and have been off and on throughout,” a source told People at the time. “Him dating someone would come as no surprise to Nicole.” The pair, who have nine children between them — four from Strahan’s previous marriages and five from Murphy’s — first started dating in 2007. Murphy was previously married to actor Eddie Murphy, while Strahan divorced second wife Jean Muggli in 2006.

Up next, the 44-year-old has partnered with JCPennny to launch a new clothing line. Drawing inspiration from style icons like Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, James Dean, Steve McQueen and David Beckham, Strahan described his “evolved” approach to dressing as “modernly classic.” To ensure buyers can get their hands on similar quality and timeless looks, Strahan himself has selected all the fabrics, patterns and accessories available in the line.

“I do it all,” he said of the design process. “I like being authentic, being real, staying connected. I still remember myself as a kid washing dishes, cutting yards and moving furniture. And I don’t want to feel like that’s beneath me, because that’s life.”

If you ask us, Strahan has certainly spun hay into gold.


  1. Jmarie on May 21, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    What does title has to do with actual story. What marriage confession?

  2. nosey rosy on March 23, 2017 at 7:07 am

    WHY is no one talking about the fact he is a momas boy!!! that is his biggest fail , his moma nurtured him he has femine traits , you never eve hear bout his daddy. its always moma moma moma .. women dont like moma boys , they can not maintain them . they are always waiting on their moma to judge a female ,and if she dont like that woman , he will never settle for her, and if she do settle , it will be him trying to break the grip of her control , females who latch on to their sons like this cause major damage . i dont know how he made it to the nfl . people dont quit get him . some women shunn him reason he flee to white females is cause his moma accept and trust white women . laugh i know this sound crazy but , i was involved with a momas boy ,and you never forget .. no matter how educated they are , no matter how many women they can get , they still have that skeleton . and moma usually aint leaveing so you either gotta live with her or move around . nicole murphy was not liked by his moma , she didnt like nicole lifesyle , and probably sat home and studied her on that reality show , micheal really like nicole , honestly he and her were a great match . but that moma of his // and you never even realize its a issue until your invested in him