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Yandy Smith-Harris pens heartfelt message for Mendeecees

Photo Credit: Instagram – @mendeecess

Without a doubt, Yandy and Mendeecees Harris have the real thing when it comes to their love and it’s what kept them together for years and also made them one of the the most respected and beloved couples to ever hit the screen on Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop.” Recently, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary and Yandy honored the occasion by penning a heartfelt message to her husband.

As fans of the couple know, Yandy and Harris’ world was turned upside down a few years ago when Harris was initially arrested and charged with drug trafficking. After more than a year behind bars as he waited for his day in court, Harris was released and he and Yandy decided to marry on May 25, 2015, and chronicle their journey to the altar on “Love & Hip Hop.”

Unfortunately for the couple, they weren’t able to enjoy wedded bliss for long because he took a plea deal in his case and was sentenced to eight years in prison for his crimes. Harris turned himself in to FCI Allenwood Federal Prison in Pennsylvania this January and has been locked up ever since.

Well, that hasn’t stopped Yandy from remaining by her husband’s side, and yesterday she decided to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their marriage with a touching open letter that she shared on her Instagram page.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @yandysmith

Photo credit: Instagram – @yandysmith

“Who would have thought 10years ago when we met I would be married to this man @mendeecees on this day last year…well I did. Call me a hopeless romantic but even as a spoken for woman at the time, I met this man and fell in love at first site. I met him working in Miami with a client and after meeting me, talking all night in our hotel lobby and on the beach he decide to change his flight and come back with me the next day. I knew something was different about him, I knew this connection was like none other, having to settle as friends for the next 2 years was the best thing I ever did. He became my best friend ever. I saved this ticket he flew back on because I knew even back then how he would be more than just a crush or a friend. As I stand here a year to date married to the man I crushed on 10years ago still gives me butterflies in my stomach. Shout out to those butterflies…you kept me on my toes with this one! Cheers to a lifetime together baby boo If you’re a hater or don’t understand my type of love please unfollow me now cuz for the next 24hours my timeline will be flooded with just me and my boo. ( These pictures were before the lights and the cameras. Lol and before I knew anything about make up)” Yandy captioned the photo.

But that wasn’t all that Yandy had to say about their wedding anniversary. Check out another post from her after the cut.

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