Kenny Smith talks rebuilding urban neighborhoods with Full Court reFresh


The neighborhood basketball court is a place where youth can learn the value of teamwork, build character, and possibly develop the skills to turn a dream into a reality.

Coors Light’s Full Court reFresh program travels across the country to revitalize basketball courts in urban communities. Coors recently teamed up with several athletes, entertainers, and bloggers to discuss the importance of maintaining sports initiatives in the inner-city.

Held at Columbus Park Refectory in Chicago, the panel discussion featured Kenny Smith of NBA on TNT; 2 Chainz; Chicago basketball legend Ronnie Fields; Univ. of Illinois standout Dee Brown; and blogger Bryan Crawford.

Following the event, rolling out caught with Smith who discussed the importance of providing a safe place for the youth to participate in sports and basketball.

How were you introduced to Full Court reFresh?

This is my third year with Full Court reFresh. It’s been great helping communities that can’t help themselves at times. We are just giving back and basketball courts can bring great awareness to the community.

Chicago is a legendary city when it comes to street ball. What is the significance of helping to revitalize a court in Chicago?

Chicago being a rich culture of basketball. But basketball courts are also used for other things. It’s used for arts and crafts, a place for music. Basketball courts are a cultural safe haven. So it’s important that the courts are revitalized so these communities can flourish.

How will this program being impacted in other cities?

We have given away $40,000 today. We have 12 cities this year, we stared with four cities when this program initially began. I’m excited about everything that’s happening right now.

Charles Barkley often says that he wants you guys to refurbish a court in Leeds, Alabama. Will that happen anytime soon?

I don’t know if they have a basketball court in Leeds, we may have to build it from scratch [laughs]. Leeds is about this big, if you drive two traffic lights, you’ll miss the whole town. For Charles, we may have to construct a whole new court.

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