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Reality TV » Is Kenya Moore single again?

Is Kenya Moore single again?

Photo credit: Kenya Moore’s Instagram (@thekenyamoore)

Photo credit: Instagram – @thekenyamoore

Kenya Moore hasn’t always had it easy when it comes to her love life and for years “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans watched her struggle to find a good man. But Moore’s luck seemed to change during the latest season of the show when she began dating a physical trainer named Matt Jordan. For months, the two have been going strong and it seemed like the couple might even be planning for a family. But now it seems like all of that has fallen apart because reports are claiming that Jordan recently revealed that the relationship is over.

As fans of the show know, Moore and Jordan, who is a personal trainer for Life Time Athletic in Atlanta, met over their mutual love of fitness. Although Moore was initially hesitant about dating Jordan because of his age (he was 28 and she was 44 at the time), Moore eventually decided to give Jordan a chance and the two quickly hit it off.

During the season, their romance seemed to blossom and the two were very protective of each other during the latest “RHOA” season as Jordan regularly came to Moore’s defense and even got into tiffs with Peter Thomas and Kim Fields’ husband, Chris Morgan.

Photo Credit: Bravo Screenshot

Photo credit: Bravo 

The couple even got so close that rumors began circulating that Moore, who has long spoken about wanting kids, was possibly planning a family with Jordan. Jordan even addressed the rumors and claimed that he’d be happy to raise kids with Moore.

“Furthermore, any child that she has by me or a donor (as you guys say), also will still be mine! I would cherish and take care of any child that she has,” Jordan said.

However, it now looks like things between Moore and Jordan have gone south because Jordan recently made a lengthy post on Instagram in which he claims that his insecurities got the best of his relationship with Moore and caused it to fall apart.

“Looking back I blame myself totally. I learned very late in the relationship that a woman will not trust a man fully if he seems irresponsible or not up to standard in areas of a relationship. If she doesn’t feel like she can put trust in a man emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc… That will cause a woman to feel resentment and most of all untrusting in her man. Because of what he lacks she does not feel like she will be properly protected or served! So the woman will not feel like she can give her all to a man that is unstable or irresponsible in areas of the relationship. Causing her to go inward emotionally. I was in denial of my flaws until late in the relationship. it causes me to feel untrusting in her because I did not feel like I had her FULL love and attention. I didn’t realize that I created my own circumstances. It’s crazy how life has a way of showing you your own flaws making you look at yourself in the mirror!! To the men out there. Brothers in particular being a real man is a lot more than just being a strong physical dominating presence and opening doors for her,” Jordan wrote.

Jordan has since made his Instagram page private and he reportedly asked Moore to delete many of his photos from her page.